A summary of the week

So the week off from work has been spent spending almost as long in front of screens. I am pleased with what’s been achieved having no option than to delete the old site.

Latest progress

I’ve added a gallery into Lee-Anne’s Page showcasing some of her beautiful Spirit Guide portraits.

The Shop redirect is in place showing many beautiful items my wife Tracey has for sale at present.

Where’s the old site gone?

There’s an updated Privacy Policy which really was the reason behind the big reshuffle. My original site was full of flaws and it would have been harder to get it compliant than it would have been to build again from fresh.

What happened to the old documents?

I believe I have most of them backed up ready to review, rewrite and republish. Many of my views have changed over the years so content will naturally evolve as I have.

New things planned

I’m playing with local event ideas. More links to good trustworthy mediumship friends, an FAQ section. Regular healing events following one I attended recently. A feedback forum. Video links for my mutterings about mediumship related items.

I hope you’ll visit regularly as I know they’ll be more documents and thoughts with a hope the site will again attract the same interest as previously.

Have a great week


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