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Absent Healing Request Form

Absent Healing is viable when someone can’t be seen on a one to one basis. I believe a healing intention starts at the time when you think of another with a positive healing intention. As simple as “I hope you feel better” or “I wish you well”. I’m sure that those in the hidden world know as soon as that thought is created.

When Absent Healing is requested we add first names to our healing book. Our group sends healing after each weekly meeting.

Thoughts are living things. I believe positive thoughts sent with the very best intentions make a difference.

Who we are

Whispering Friends, Portrayals, and Shane Frost Mediumship are owned and operated by myself (Shane Frost). I’m a Medium and qualified Spiritual Healer located in Norfolk in the United Kingdom.

Data consent

Our promise to you

We store submitted information so we can contact you. Data will not be shared with 3rd parties. Your information will not be used for marketing purposes. At no point will we influence you to buy any of our products or services. We may suggest services if you contacted us with an enquiry directly about the services we offer.

The law

The law instructs me to inform the appropriate authorities if your submission:

  • includes details that indicate criminal activities
  • contains information indicating an intention to harm yourself
  • indicates an intention to harm others

I reserve the right to contact the appropriate authorities without any prior notification to yourself.

How we use your data

Shane will add first names to our healing book. We will include those names in our weekly healing groups. We may at times use examples for educational or training purposes. Discussion about your information will not take place in any way that others could directly identify you or those you request Absent Healing for.

This site has been written to comply with GDPR and a copy of personal data held is available via our Data Access Request page. More information is available in our Privacy Policy.

Information considerations

You must not submit Information directly traceable to an individual. Please at all times respect everyones privacy. I would suggest only that you include a first name, a town or city, and a brief sentence about the difficulties they are facing. We don’t need full details as the Spirit World knows what is most appropriate for an individual.

Thank you. I really hope that your thoughts and ours help those that need them.


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