Adding pages for the blog and the shopping

Today’s progress

So today I’ve been fighting with a multitude of e-commerce programs and finally came up with one that sits quite nicely on the site so far.

You’ll find the blog and shopping pages on the menu along the top and I’ve made fair progress on both.

Blogging Page

This page primarily displays all the blog entries or as I like to call them daily musings, thoughts, rants (on the odd occasion) and just general progress. Newest items always at the top. If you subscribe to the site you’ll get an email copy of each blog or new page as they are published, I’d love it if you came aboard!

Shopping Page


Struggling massively with international customers and the plethora of settings required for shipping and taxes so for now this page is just a redirect to our eBay shop.

My efforts only worked for UK buyers. So I have now removed the shop I created and posted in a redirect.

Lots of visitors at present so hoping they will all return as I gradually get more good content in place.

Struggling this end with site performance speed wise, however, tests have found it only seems to be me that I’ve scuppered! Any issues noticed I’d be very pleased to hear from you.

Enjoy the rest of the weekend and normal service will resume at some point! I do hope that so far you’re enjoying the changes and that it’s all worth it!



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