The importance of knowing your own energy

I’m sure that those that have attended my home circles will confirm that I’m forever going on about the importance of knowing how our OWN energy feels before we start connecting with our friends in the Spirit World and to me, there’s a number of reasons why this is so important.

Questions to consider

How can we notice very subtle changes within our awareness if we don’t have an in-depth knowledge of the feeling of the energy that is our own to start with?

How can we notice the very subtle changes our Spirit friends attempt to impress on us if we don’t know what is the essence of ourselves and what is being influenced by an external party?

How can we tell something relates to a visiting loved one if we can’t tell whether that feeling is our own?


A large percentage of the information received in our Mediumship is received with our CLEAR SENSING or “Clairsentience”.

The more familiar therefore we become with our own energy and the way that WE feel the easier it becomes to notice any changes around us initiated by others.

Some of the most important information our Spirit friends attempt to impress on us can be the most subtle and hardest to spot. Some of the tiniest of details can be the ones that really prove beyond doubt that we genuinely have communication and connection with a loved one or friend in place.

Having a very good knowledge of how the energy around us feels PRIOR to connecting with an external influence enables us over time to notice any variance with increasing ease but don’t expect this to come overnight! Like anything we do, the more we practice the more accomplished we become.

A simple approach

One of the simplest ways to consider this is to approach it in the same way we approached those spot the difference puzzles many of us did when we were children. You know the ones, two pictures printed next to each other with a number of changes we have to notice like the one shown below:

Firstly let us consider that the character portrayed on the left of the image is us.

At first glance, we form a quick impression and can easily describe this to another. The longer of course that we spend getting to know that image the more clearly we are to easily recall and describe it to others. The more and more that we study the more familiar it becomes and more detail can be remembered. The longer we sit and grow to recognise the image and the more attention we devote to all the details the easier it then becomes to recognise if any of the details change.

The image on the right represents the information being received while a spirit visitor or a loved one draws closer. The core elements are very similar to our own and the Spirit World works by drawing close to our energy and attempts to impress information around us that we can notice.

Sensing is like seeing (but without your eyes)

It’s much easier, of course, to work with the images shown above as we are using our physical sense of sight but it really isn’t that much different when we move into working with our sensing. As we learn more and more about ourselves and the way we feel the easier it becomes to notice areas that are changing. Once we are aware of a feeling or area that draws our attention the opportunities arise to then start moving into the information that change carries in order to provide FACTS about the person connecting from the Spirit World. We can then find out why that area feels different and relay this to the sitter.

As children, we started with a simple spot the difference puzzle with large easy to notice differences and gradually worked up to more challenging ones where the differences were harder to notice and I think this again is a good analogy of how our clairsentience unfolds. That early BIG information being for example GENDER moving over time towards aspects of ailments, build, features, jewellery, hairstyles, gait, the list really is endless.

A wealth of SPECIFIC information can be provided once our attention is drawn to anything we notice being attempted around us including but not limited to:

  • Physical ailments – aches and pains, becoming drawn to a specific area, changes noticed in our breathing
  • Physical build – feeling bigger, smaller, slimmer, fatter, age changes
  • Skin details – Tattoos, scars, burns, numbness, missing parts, piercings
  • Items being worn – Rings, dangling earrings, hats
  • Passing conditions – Pains, sudden, slowly, dizziness, falls, impacts
  • Hair – Style, length, thickness
  • Mannerisms – movements, patterns, gait
  • Hands – skin creams, rings, damage, age, joints, movements
  • The Mouth – gums, false teeth, missing teeth, whistles when speaking
  • Habits – Smoking gestures, hand movements, finger-clicking
  • The Face – So many details and such a sensitive area

The potential is huge. What can start as a very gentle tingle or thought when given the right attention can build into a wealth of information. A tiny numbing of the tongue can develop into a lisp, a tiny build of energy in the front of the teeth can develop into a whistle, and attention drawn to any area will have a purpose.

If we provide ourselves with a solid starting point by becoming familiar with our own energy those subtle differences become more noticeable and the quality of our Mediumship improves.

I know at times I miss information the Spirit World brings to me but have found that the more I learn about me the less that happens and the chances of something important slipping past reduces.

The preparation one can make simply by sitting in in their own energy regularly will be of great benefit. As the quality of your mediumship improves the quality of the information and evidence relaid to a sitter may just move their perception from one of “I think my loved one was present” to “I KNOW my loved one was present” and that is really what it’s all about!

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an image of an old watch an example of an item that you can attempt psychometry on

A Psychometry Exercise to try

“A Psychometry Exercise to try” is a follow-on to the post I wrote yesterday entitled Psychometry – a very interesting subject.

Psychometry Exercise

Who’s this written for?

image showing psychometry exercise can be attempted by you

This is an exercise that EVERYONE with an interest can try.

We are ALL psychic right? You know, you walk into a room and maybe sense tension or feel there’s been an argument there? Maybe you have been somewhere where you feel everything feels AMAZING and lovely but you’re not really sure why?

That intuitive inkling? A little knowing?

Something I know the ladies have much more of than I do at times. This psychometry exercise is great for those wanting to get started as well as the more experienced.

It’s a PSYCHIC ability

The feelings are received with our PSYCHIC senses and this isn’t just limited to a few trained people, we can ALL do this. EVERYONE is psychic and with a few simple steps these psychic abilities can be tuned and honed into a very powerful skill.

The key to this psychometry exercise is to trust what you get and not to be tempted to embellish it. The building on the information comes later but for now, we are just attempting to work with items with a hope we notice an associated feeling, thought or image.

It’s good to make notes so you can at a later date see whether your accuracy is improving. With all things the more you practice the more adept you’ll become. If you are working with a friend ask them to make the notes for you.

So how do we go about this?

Really there isn’t much required. The main faculties we need to work in this way are ALREADY built into us all.

When we first start out we need confirmation and reassurance so it’s better initially to work with an item that someone else provides. Ideally, they will be present so they can discuss the information you obtain. I prefer not to see the item in advance. Difficult once you handle it not to try to use your natural sense of touch.

  1. Choose a location that ensures you won’t be interrupted, find a place as free of noise and distractions as possible.
  2. Turn your phones off or put on silent.
  3. Sit and relax. Take a few deep breaths to still your mind.
  4. Rest your hands in your lap with your palms upwards
  5. With your eyes closed ask a friend to place an item in your hands.
  6. Try to avoid working it out with your physical sense of touch.
  7. If images and thoughts, feelings or words enter your mind speak them aloud.
  8. Don’t worry about trying to interpret any reasons or meaning behind them yet, this will happen later.
  9. Say what you see, hear, or feel as you hold the item.
  10. Some images and feelings will be vague, some may be particularly clear, don’t differentiate, for now just say them all.
  11. Don’t worry about saying something that may to you feel “silly”. I have found over the years the most abstract and strangest images I’ve received have proven to be the most important to the person the information is passed onto so just go with it and say it.
  12. Avoid doom or gloom or negative statements at all times.

Remove all worries or concerns

Don’t worry about your rate of accuracy especially when you first attempt this.

We find the information we receive at times isn’t understood by the person we are providing the information to. This is to be expected.

I remember sitting with a lady in a group and had been given a small gold ring to work with. I kept sensing cliffs behind me and ships going by in front of me. This was as clear as if I had been in a deck chair in the actual place yet couldn’t be understood by the recipient. No no no no NO!

Discussing this over a coffee afterwards the lady told me that she really couldn’t understand the information however she didn’t know all the history of the ring as it had been found on a beach! Probably a beach resembling the one I was aware of?

Receive, describe, move on

Describe the impressions that come to your mind but do not cling to them and don’t try to control them.

The moment we try to go too much into the information is the moment we destroy our work.

an image of a bell for my psychometry exercise example

An example:

“I’m seeing a bell can you understand”? RESPONSE “yes”! Great to that point but as humans conditioned in certain ways we look to understand and add information of our own. “This could be a wedding or a celebration. It may be a dinner bell or it could be a sailor and a ships bell. I wonder if it’s a fire engine”?

Immediately the change is apparent. Seeking insight and more information has changed into guesswork and phishing. The positive energy drops. Your subsequent attempts flounder. Bump doesn’t work, tears, emotion and comfort eating (in my case)!

Allow information to unfold naturally

Once we have given the bell and we know we’ve had the YES acknowledgement wait and see what comes along next. It may be a feeling of a wedding, the sound of a fire engine but let it unfold naturally. Don’t rush it. The guessing game ceases. You continue with positive statements and an improved accuracy.

ALWAYS keep the experience positive

Psychometry Exercise image showing happy people

I’ve seen some horrendous examples and heard of many others from friends. Line after line of information delivered with negativity producing worry stress and upset. If you really feel you’ve seen something that’s not positive keep it to yourself.

Don’t pander to that “I got it so I have to give it” delusional approach to mediumship. Mediumship is NOT about anything that isn’t positive. It is YOUR mediumship and you, therefore, have a responsibility for everything you say and everyone you work with.

The whole point of any psychic work or spiritual work we attempt must be to the benefit of the client or sitter. They must come away feeling better in themselves than when we started.

There’s a whole world out there that will take care of providing negativity and depression. We mustn’t piggyback onto that. There are many that seem to enjoy the drama and feeding on the negativity and emotional distress they cause in others and that is wrong.

We, as psychics and mediums have a great responsibility and in my opinion, if we see someone causing distress to another in any situation we should intervene and put a stop to it. Sometimes hard to do but we all are at a pivotal point where we need to bring great change. Easier for me I guess as I’m larger than life. Change is needed. We have an opportunity to bring it about. Every little helps.

The silly things can be the greatest things

I’ve learnt time and time again that the unexpected images are likely to be most correct. Things I’ve really hesitated to say have been the most cherished and important information ever.

Don’t blame your sitter

Accept that your sitter won’t know some information you are giving them even though you are SURE that you are right. You won’t always get clear information when attempting the psychometry exercise but I never think any attempt is a total failure as we learn from each and every try.

It’s easy to think they are saying no to spite us. This really often isn’t the case. There may be a small percentage of sceptic challengers we meet, all part of our learning.

Enjoy your work – always

Most of all ENJOY the psychometry exercise and the practice!

SMILE, we’re in this to ENJOY it!


Experiment always, challenge always, set new goals always. What’s to say that the way I work is correct for you? Who knows if something that works better for you would work better for me given chance?

Who knows where this may lead

My gradual move into mediumship and links with spirit communicators was a natural progression from many aspects of psychic work. This included psychometry, tarot, many other tools I attempted to master (note attempted)!

Some of us may find when working with psychic tools that at times it feels like someone’s watching.

More to follow about that when I get chance…..

If you’d like to let me know how you get on there’s a comment facility below or you can use my Contact Form.

I do hope this has been of interest to you and you find it helpful. If so feel free to share it with others via the buttons shown below.

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