Mystical Shaman Oracle – The Curse

A new day with some new friends

How pleased I am today to receive a couple of new sets of Oracle cards. These were purchased from Hay House who were having a sale on their oracle cards recently.

An ominous start

I always bless and set my intention with every new set of cards I work with. There did however seem to be a bit of an ominous introduction to the Mystical Shaman Oracle Cards. I pulled out a card for the day and chose, “THE CURSE”. Now that sounds a right good start (not)!

What doe’s it mean?

Mystical Shaman Oracle Deck 14 The Curse

The Curse can indicate a blockage in our creative energy! Well that’s certainly the case, I’ve proper shut down again from all things weird. A couple of weeks away from sittings turned into the best part of 2 years. My Christmas break from the charity animations turned into 6 months. I started to feel that I was creating animations that seemed very similar and that was never the point.

The Curse indicates a destructive force. That will surely be me then as I’ve always chucked in anything I’m not 100% happy with. For a long while I haven’t been able to be bothered to do anything or go anywhere. Work takes up so much time and small shifts in thinking haven’t been strong enough to change it quite yet.

This card invites to “Forgive Everyone and Everything”. I think that’s pretty much covered these days. There is 1 thing that I can’t see changing until I’m rattling chains around their beds. It also advises it’s time to craft a new life course! That would be simpler if I just knew what to concentrate my scatty mind on).

The medicine of the card

“Act with impeccable intention so as not to create a debt or karma that sooner or later someone has to pay”. “An opportunity to clean up your actions”. Now these parts I do get. I always try to do that even though like most people I fall off the wagon on a regular basis.

What now?

So a big practice what you preach time I guess. I’ve done so many tarot readings for others over the years and do always trust the guidance of the cards. Around 20 years ago I turned over 3 cards seeking guidance about a huge work opportunity. I looked at them then immediately turned the job down. No need to refer to any books or interpretations. This was an immediate uh oh that’s not going to happen then! A few months later the cards proved to be right so I guess with this one I better listen and try to get on board again. Wouldn’t want a repeat of the frog again!

So today I will go for a walk (it burns my fingers even typing it as it’s OUTSIDE), I’ll try not to eat as much junk (note “as much”) as a total abstaining wouldn’t happen at present so little by little!


The Frog! OK I’m getting it (finally)

How many more times?

Seems I’m being told something again by the grown ups that help from the hidden world and I guess it’s true that this dense old brick of a receptor has to have a few kicks before they get fully noticed!

Strike 1

At the Arthur Findlay College a few years ago my power animal chosen at random (or was it) was the Frog. A few weeks ago, what turns up in my room? Chuffing great FROG (glad Tracey has previous life witchy experience as she knew how to hoof it out gently as it managed to get between me and the door and I was TRAPPED at it’s mercy)!

Strike 2

The Shamanic workshop at the beginning of the month again! shutting eyes and getting a number at what I thought was random? FROG frog Frog frog FROG!

A Full House!

So this morning tidying up the room shuffled up the secret language of animals oracle cards by Chip Richards and none of you will need to be psychic to guess what hoppy little long tongued fly muncher I got so I guess it’s time to see what it means! (number 41 for you analytical types with a slight spin this time being a TREE FROG) – it’s still a frog right? and there’s not a traditional frog in the set or I bet that would have been stuck to the lid with the way things have been happening around here!

The summary on the card is Soul song, Meditation, Creation, rebirth.

All those things listed on the card I do struggle with but I do know have value.

Meditation? Seems SO boring on your own so I really don’t do it. Guided meditation on a recording? very rare I hear more than a few words then off away with the fairies and my consciousness drops like a brick.

Breathing deeply? I have Asthma so that’s never going to be likely to happen.

Creation? not sure about that one, would love to be gifted in that way but other than one decent painting in 52 years nothing to write home about.

Rebirth? I do hope not. One does SO hope this is the last stint down here among the muggles but I do wonder if that’s a spiritual rebirth as my long self imposed crawl under the rock and hide phase does seem to be lifting. It must I guess if I’m looking at cards again and signing up for workshops even if I get served up with the frog when I wanted the Eagle or the Bear or the Wolf!

Any way this little bogey coloured wet sticky mate that seems intent on getting my attention indicates the gift of deep resonance and returning to the song of your soul. “Time to awaken the sacred rhythm that calls your visions into being”.

“Time for great inspired actions and that may come VERY soon”. At the moment though hush your noisy mind and travel to your centre ready for when your actions arise naturally.

Guess it’s watch this space then, with lockdown lifting and absolutely no urge to go out and do much I’ll be surprised what those inspired actions may be but it certainly feels like the time of darkness is shifting so who knows what’s just around the corner…….

Shane seeking frog

So here’s the picture of my Shane seeking frog. It’s on my doorstep waiting to come in like something out of a stalker movie. It’s not the usual fluffy cuddle seeker I’d normally associate myself with but I guess if I don’t listen it could be countered with one of those plague of frogs things so off to at least have a try!

Please feel free to add a comment and let me know if you keep getting the same power animal time and time again. What was it? was it relevant? and once you followed the advice did it change?

And how would one upgrade a frog to an eagle? Although to be honest now the one on my doorsteps started hanging around a bit more I am getting quite fond of it.


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