Mystical Shaman Oracle – The Curse

A new day with some new friends

How pleased I am today to receive a couple of new sets of Oracle cards. These were purchased from Hay House who were having a sale on their oracle cards recently.

An ominous start

I always bless and set my intention with every new set of cards I work with. There did however seem to be a bit of an ominous introduction to the Mystical Shaman Oracle Cards. I pulled out a card for the day and chose, “THE CURSE”. Now that sounds a right good start (not)!

What doe’s it mean?

Mystical Shaman Oracle Deck 14 The Curse

The Curse can indicate a blockage in our creative energy! Well that’s certainly the case, I’ve proper shut down again from all things weird. A couple of weeks away from sittings turned into the best part of 2 years. My Christmas break from the charity animations turned into 6 months. I started to feel that I was creating animations that seemed very similar and that was never the point.

The Curse indicates a destructive force. That will surely be me then as I’ve always chucked in anything I’m not 100% happy with. For a long while I haven’t been able to be bothered to do anything or go anywhere. Work takes up so much time and small shifts in thinking haven’t been strong enough to change it quite yet.

This card invites to “Forgive Everyone and Everything”. I think that’s pretty much covered these days. There is 1 thing that I can’t see changing until I’m rattling chains around their beds. It also advises it’s time to craft a new life course! That would be simpler if I just knew what to concentrate my scatty mind on).

The medicine of the card

“Act with impeccable intention so as not to create a debt or karma that sooner or later someone has to pay”. “An opportunity to clean up your actions”. Now these parts I do get. I always try to do that even though like most people I fall off the wagon on a regular basis.

What now?

So a big practice what you preach time I guess. I’ve done so many tarot readings for others over the years and do always trust the guidance of the cards. Around 20 years ago I turned over 3 cards seeking guidance about a huge work opportunity. I looked at them then immediately turned the job down. No need to refer to any books or interpretations. This was an immediate uh oh that’s not going to happen then! A few months later the cards proved to be right so I guess with this one I better listen and try to get on board again. Wouldn’t want a repeat of the frog again!

So today I will go for a walk (it burns my fingers even typing it as it’s OUTSIDE), I’ll try not to eat as much junk (note “as much”) as a total abstaining wouldn’t happen at present so little by little!


The Frog! OK I’m getting it (finally)

How many more times?

Seems I’m being told something again by the grown ups that help from the hidden world and I guess it’s true that this dense old brick of a receptor has to have a few kicks before they get fully noticed!

Strike 1

At the Arthur Findlay College a few years ago my power animal chosen at random (or was it) was the Frog. A few weeks ago, what turns up in my room? Chuffing great FROG (glad Tracey has previous life witchy experience as she knew how to hoof it out gently as it managed to get between me and the door and I was TRAPPED at it’s mercy)!

Strike 2

The Shamanic workshop at the beginning of the month again! shutting eyes and getting a number at what I thought was random? FROG frog Frog frog FROG!

A Full House!

So this morning tidying up the room shuffled up the secret language of animals oracle cards by Chip Richards and none of you will need to be psychic to guess what hoppy little long tongued fly muncher I got so I guess it’s time to see what it means! (number 41 for you analytical types with a slight spin this time being a TREE FROG) – it’s still a frog right? and there’s not a traditional frog in the set or I bet that would have been stuck to the lid with the way things have been happening around here!

The summary on the card is Soul song, Meditation, Creation, rebirth.

All those things listed on the card I do struggle with but I do know have value.

Meditation? Seems SO boring on your own so I really don’t do it. Guided meditation on a recording? very rare I hear more than a few words then off away with the fairies and my consciousness drops like a brick.

Breathing deeply? I have Asthma so that’s never going to be likely to happen.

Creation? not sure about that one, would love to be gifted in that way but other than one decent painting in 52 years nothing to write home about.

Rebirth? I do hope not. One does SO hope this is the last stint down here among the muggles but I do wonder if that’s a spiritual rebirth as my long self imposed crawl under the rock and hide phase does seem to be lifting. It must I guess if I’m looking at cards again and signing up for workshops even if I get served up with the frog when I wanted the Eagle or the Bear or the Wolf!

Any way this little bogey coloured wet sticky mate that seems intent on getting my attention indicates the gift of deep resonance and returning to the song of your soul. “Time to awaken the sacred rhythm that calls your visions into being”.

“Time for great inspired actions and that may come VERY soon”. At the moment though hush your noisy mind and travel to your centre ready for when your actions arise naturally.

Guess it’s watch this space then, with lockdown lifting and absolutely no urge to go out and do much I’ll be surprised what those inspired actions may be but it certainly feels like the time of darkness is shifting so who knows what’s just around the corner…….

Shane seeking frog

So here’s the picture of my Shane seeking frog. It’s on my doorstep waiting to come in like something out of a stalker movie. It’s not the usual fluffy cuddle seeker I’d normally associate myself with but I guess if I don’t listen it could be countered with one of those plague of frogs things so off to at least have a try!

Please feel free to add a comment and let me know if you keep getting the same power animal time and time again. What was it? was it relevant? and once you followed the advice did it change?

And how would one upgrade a frog to an eagle? Although to be honest now the one on my doorsteps started hanging around a bit more I am getting quite fond of it.


Reflecting on 2020

An extended break

It’s difficult to believe what I originally planned as a few weeks off has already grown into 6 months!

Reflecting briefly on 2020 many will agree this has been an extremely challenging year but suddenly it seems it has passed very quickly. It only seems a few weeks since working from home became the new normal.

Everybody must have faced a particularly challenging year. My thoughts go out to anyone finding it hard at the moment. I hope it will improve soon but it seems to be taking a long while for any type of normality to return!

Apologies to those I’ve put on hold

Apologies as always to anyone I messaged when asked to animate their spirit art recently. My creativity suffers when times are challenging. Results improve when fully engaged. I’m hoping next year to reinstate the Charity animation service however at present have decided to abstain for the next few months.

Those of you particularly sensitive to what is going on in the world will understand it’s hard to work while such change is taking place. My way of coping is to take a break and minimise the work and interaction until the energy shifts.

2020 high points

There have been things I’ve been grateful for this year. More time with my youngest son in lock down will be cherished forever. COVID has been a horrific experience at great cost to so many yet it’s also brought about time to contemplate and consider one’s priorities. I wouldn’t have realised last year just how many regular life patterns were really inconsequential once reevaluated. More time with the family was unusual but of great value to me (and hopefully them).

More services in the pipeline

Time away this year has been used wisely. Photo image skills have improved and progress made. A number of you sent me damaged photographs for restoring which at the time I couldn’t do much with at the time. Things are starting to come along nicely so I may offer this service at some point next year:

Photograph restoration

Original photo of Tracey next to restored photograph

The photograph to the left is “PROPER” old and damaged. It is my wife Tracey as a small girl so a very long time ago! I do hope she doesn’t read this post!

I knew if Tracey thought the restoration work was good I was convincing my most honest critic. Tracey is very pleased with the result. At her advice, I’ve shared and with more practice may start doing some for other people next year.

Photograph colourisation

Another process that has particularly caught my imagination is recolourisation. Photographs are converted to black and white and then parts are recoloured to really bring them to life. The photograph below is my only attempt so far but there’s potential in my opinion:

A photograph of Shane with all colour removed then partially readded
©Whispering Friends

A few quick thank you messages

As the festive period fast approaches I would like to extend my thanks to all of you that visit my site. More will be added to it next year as I’ve many articles and experiences to share.

My very grateful thanks extend to:

Andrew Codling – Medium & Tutor (and someone that has helped me avoid totally withdrawing under a rock this year). Highly recommended and available for online tuition via ZOOM. An open honest transparent and simplistic approach to mediumship (that works).

The Sacred Lightspace – for the best and most accurate guidance reading with cards I’ve probably ever had. You’ll need facebook to click on the link.

All those that have supported Portrayals and our Little Princess Trust fund raising page again this year. Thank you so much. I can’t do this with out you and they do such great work.

To all those that have managed to find new ways to shine bright in their truth during this difficult year, thank you. To the cherished mediums, readers, healers, musicians and tutor friends that have adapted to the current times to ensure that the Spirit World is still represented truthfully throughout this global crisis. Thank you.

Christmas and the New Year Wishes

As we start preparing to say goodbye to 2020 and gaze upon 2021 with much hope for an end to many of the challenges this year has brought I hope you and your loved ones stay safe and well. As long as we remain strong in our truth and kind to those that may not share the same beliefs and continue to meet them with compassion I believe there will always be hope.

My very best wishes as always…..

Site Progress July 14th 2018

A quick update

So many hours have gone into the site over the last few weeks trying to get it all lovely ready for documentation and writing to begin.

Gallery items

Portrayal animations progress

With a stunning 655.48 GBP raised so far goodness knows how many Gallery plugins and different pieces of software I’ve trialled to attempt to import some of the wonderful artwork and animations worked on to raise money for the Make A Wish charity page and the RSPCA to help a good friend Sarah.

I’ve settled on Envira however this has a cost of around ¬£60 for the first year so some animations may be offered to raise the money needed to cover the annual cost. Everything else will continue to go to good causes. I don’t intend to make any money from the Portrayals work but it’s fair I believe to cover my net costs. A choice will be always offered to my friends and those I’m working with.

If you visit what I’ve got in place so far over at the Portrayals Animations Gallery you’ll see some stunning artwork by many of my Spirit Artist Friends. Click on an image and it will then link over to the animated version. Pretty pleased how it’s shaping up however need to find a way to standardise the size of the frames in the lightbox settings (help if there’s any experts out there please)! I’d be VERY grateful.

Arthur Findlay College

I have placed some of my cherished photographs on line having been fortunate to attend the college on a number of occasions. These have been split into 3 categories at present:

1) The Arthur Findlay College Building Photographs

2) A few of my Arthur Findlay College Horse Photographs, greatly cut down so as not to show faces of other friends that have attended (privacy and respect, very important)!

3) Some beautiful photographs of the Arthur Findlay College Gardens.

All of these I’m happy to have shared, printed or discussed. A truely magnificent and beautiful location indeed.

Inspired Thoughts

I’ve added 1 so far! not much I know but i’m sure this will grow as I’m going to include those Pearls of Wisdom I see that others come up with and this should end up being a very nice section. Again, like anything, take it share it print it quote it. No problems at all with regards to doing so. Not to be chopped and changed into your own work though please. I too respect the work of others and share only with a link back.

Paranormal Investigation Locations

Somthing I’ve only recently started to take an interest in. So far I’ve just added in some of my Harwich Redoubt Fort Photographs taken during June 2018. A wonderful place to spend time at having had much loving input from the local residents. Much going on of a spooky nature? Didn’t experience much but certainly I felt an interest from the Spirit World while we were there. Off to Skegness tonight so more to be added soon.

Frequently asked questions section

Up and running and tested. So far a little information including:

Do all Mediums work in the same way?

How many healing sessions are required?

What is Spiritual Healing?

Traceys best selling item

I’ll be regularly adding an image to the left hand side of the site showing Tracey’s current best selling item, done in this way as I believe the link into ebay will calulate shipping for our non UK based friends. Much too complicated I found to do externally from eBay without commiting some quite high costs and as a non profit making site I have to find practical and cheap ways to operate at present.

Here is a link to Tracey’s eBay Shop with some wonderful items for purchase. Also linked in to the top menu structure of the site.

Spirit Artist Appointments with Lee-Anne Higgs

A big thank you to those of you that have contacted Lee-Anne via this site. I know it’s appreciated and have been very privaledged to have Lee-Annes agreement to be included on this site.

Lee-Anne Higgs Spirit Artist

Is there something you are missing?

I’ve had a couple of people get in touch looking for previous documents. I’ve got them all backed up. If you are looking for a document that’s been removed temporarily please Contact Me and I’ll get an email copy over to you.

The site is continuing to take shape and is looking like a proper website again. Hardly any content at present but the foundations are in. Plenty of testing successfully completed now too.

There’s much to be getting on with and although progress has seemed slow it’s all starting to take shape nicely.

My very best wishes for the week ahead


Site Progress June 10th 2018

So progress made this week has been with the adding of a few posts now. All viewable on my Blogs page (including this one).

I’ve added an Events page and this should grow nicely into notifications about local events for friends. Just one MBS listing in there at present but I’ve put a message out today to my local friends asking if they would like to be on board.

Testing of the routing to my Contact Form, the Absent Healing Request Form and Lee-Annes Contact Form has been completed and all working correctly.

Next main tasks coming soon:

  • add in more of the old documents that were stored when the site was removed.
  • add more events as I receive them.
  • a youtube channel feed in (this one I’ve got lots planned for)
  • a facebook feed from the Shane Frost Mediumship page down the side would be nice. Still, haven’t figured it out.
  • my lovely face on the side of all posts with a Gravatar, if it’s working those receiving this by email will see it when this post is published (fingers crossed), think I figured out the bugs now!

Is there something you are missing?

I’ve had a couple of people get in touch looking for previous documents. I’ve got them all backed up. If you are looking for a document that’s been removed temporarily please Contact Me and I’ll get an email copy over to you.

The site is continuing to take shape and is looking like a proper website again. Hardly any content at present but the foundations are in. Plenty of testing successfully completed now too.

There’s much to be getting on with and although progress has seemed slow it’s all starting to take shape nicely.


A summary of the week

So the week off from work has been spent spending almost as long in front of screens. I am pleased with what’s been achieved having no option than to delete the old site.

Latest progress

I’ve added a gallery into Lee-Anne’s Page showcasing some of her beautiful Spirit Guide portraits.

The Shop redirect is in place showing many beautiful items my wife Tracey has for sale at present.

Where’s the old site gone?

There’s an updated Privacy Policy which really was the reason behind the big reshuffle. My original site was full of flaws and it would have been harder to get it compliant than it would have been to build again from fresh.

What happened to the old documents?

I believe I have most of them backed up ready to review, rewrite and republish. Many of my views have changed over the years so content will naturally evolve as I have.

New things planned

I’m playing with local event ideas. More links to good trustworthy mediumship friends, an FAQ section. Regular healing events following one I attended recently. A feedback forum. Video links for my mutterings about mediumship related items.

I hope you’ll visit regularly as I know they’ll be more documents and thoughts with a hope the site will again attract the same interest as previously.

Have a great week


Adding pages for the blog and the shopping

Today’s progress

So today I’ve been fighting with a multitude of e-commerce programs and finally came up with one that sits quite nicely on the site so far.

You’ll find the blog and shopping pages on the menu along the top and I’ve made fair progress on both.

Blogging Page

This page primarily displays all the blog entries or as I like to call them daily musings, thoughts, rants (on the odd occasion) and just general progress. Newest items always at the top. If you subscribe to the site you’ll get an email copy of each blog or new page as they are published, I’d love it if you came aboard!

Shopping Page


Struggling massively with international customers and the plethora of settings required for shipping and taxes so for now this page is just a redirect to our eBay shop.

My efforts only worked for UK buyers. So I have now removed the shop I created and posted in a redirect.

Lots of visitors at present so hoping they will all return as I gradually get more good content in place.

Struggling this end with site performance speed wise, however, tests have found it only seems to be me that I’ve scuppered! Any issues noticed I’d be very pleased to hear from you.

Enjoy the rest of the weekend and normal service will resume at some point! I do hope that so far you’re enjoying the changes and that it’s all worth it!



Welcoming a Spirit Artist friend to the site

Today’s progress

So today I’ve been busy getting a new page in place for a good friend who is an extremely talented Spirit Artist and Medium. The main redirect from the old site is in place courtesy of KVC Hosting however it will take time for all the Google crawling bots to update and delete the previous history.

You’ll find Lee-Annes Page under “Services Offered” and I do hope that some of you will support her in her ventures. I know nobody will be disappointed if they ask her to work for them. Lee-Anne was so much help when I was raising funds for my Make A Wish Charity Page.

Not much else to report today. Considering a selling section for my wife to include some of the amazing items she sells. Trying to figure out a quality gallery function where spirit art can be viewed. Thinking of how to get a local events page built in. Loads left to do getting older articles back in place but don’t forget if you saw something previously you miss now drop me a message via my Contact Page and I’ll get a copy across to you by email.

Wishing you all a great day.



Site Progress May 30th 2018

SEO, Meta Descriptions, focus keywords, internal links, external links, cookies, compliance, privacy policies, corner stones, data request forms, disclaimers, legalities, readability, image alt attributes, PHEW.

Having thought yesterday I was doing pretty well I looked at the behind the scenes requirements in order to get a reasonable footprint on the internet.

Absolute mine field for someone who’s fairly techie but not a professional web developer!

Now’s the time to do it though as once the sites growing there’s no chance to get the opportunity back.

Historically I thought I was doing well as the site became very popular however I know now there were vast improvements to make. Hopefully, this new approach is apparent with some of the new layouts.

The home page is finalised with the links working and I’ve now added a page about Spiritual Healing Sittings.

Today’s main tasks:

  • getting a social toolbar in, tested and working! One I’ve tried a number of times over the last few days but not nailed as yet!
  • a facebook feed from the Shane Frost Mediumship page down the side would be nice.

Is there something you are missing?

I’ve had a couple of people get in touch looking for previous documents. I’ve got them all backed up. If you are looking for a document that’s been removed temporarily please Contact Me and I’ll get an email copy over to you.

The site is continuing to take shape and is looking like a proper website again. Hardly any content at present but the foundations are in. Plenty of testing successfully completed now too.

There’s much to be getting on with and although progress has seemed slow it’s all starting to take shape nicely.

The beautiful photograph above is free for commercial use and was obtained from Pixabay courtesy of Arek Socha. Enjoy and I hope you have a great day and thank you for stopping by.


Site Progress May 29th 2018

So the site is starting to take shape and is looking like a proper website again albeit one with very little content at present but the foundations are in and lots of testing is proving it’s all starting to fall into place.

I’m pleased after lots of tweaking with how the Absent Healing Form and the Contact Form have turned out and I do need to spend quite some time getting pictures of the work I’ve done on Facebook for the Portrayals animations published.

The link to Instagram is working well but again I need to get pictures and animations over there to build it up.

The menu structure is now looking right with a decision to add in submenus meaning in future they’ll be less clutter on the screen. I’m going to be putting work today into a Spiritual Healing page and “SEO” something I’m sure is important but at present, I have no idea what it does or how to use it!

I tried a social feed yesterday that went weird on me so took that away again. It’s nice to have a pop up “subscribe and share” facility however it was just too much in your face and in my opinion a bit of a put-off, presenting a feel to the site I didn’t want it to have. Will see if there’s anything less intense out there so the idea isn’t fully written off at present.

The mandatory Privacy & Cookies bar is in place and tested. More legalities that have to be acted upon.

I tested GDPR plugins yesterday and they have the functionality needed to provide readers with copies of any data held and a Data Access Request form which simplifies the process for visitors to this site. This really was the major contributing factor that determined my decision to remove the old site and create the present one.

So much still to do but I can now see a light at the end of the tunnel and there’s much more feeling of hope on the horizon than there was 24 hours ago.

The beautiful photograph above is free for commercial use and was obtained from Pixabay courtesy of Arek Socha. Enjoy and I hope you have a great day making future memories whatever you are up to.


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