Clairaudience Video Clip

It never ceases to amaze me the lengths that our Spirit Friends go to get our attention. From objects appearing to the great efforts attempted to ensure we know they are around us. Hearing a departed friend to me is one of the finest experiences one can obtain reassurance from.

The first time I heard what I’d describe as a “proper” voice was sitting at home watching TV with my wife Tracey yet she heard nothing. I’ve since learnt this is a subjective experience only witnessed by oneself.

Over the years this has changed and, at times, all in the household hear people especially one particular son who has taken up the same interests I did all those years ago.

One shouldn’t lessen the value of the names that enter our awareness as thoughts often sounding like ourselves but my word, when you hear the voice of another calling out their name, that’s truly a very moving experience however for me not often.

Hearing the voice of another that that has travelled to the Spirit World is quite often out of the blue when I least expect it and the accompanying excitement more often than not causes me to lose the quality of connection that had to have been in place to achieve it. I am at my most receptive state when going to sleep, just waking up, day dreaming or in the middle of some monotonous task and that’s why I’m never fully prepared for when it happens.


Native American Photograph Slideshow

I thought I’d take the opportunity to share a slide show I created yesterday. This features some wonderful Native American photographs I found over at the Boston Public Library licensed via Unsplash.

“War Drums” by Rhythm Scott (licensed by Audiio). is the a perfect accompaniment to this particular Native American slideshow.

I love old style photographs. The depth and characteristics in black and white and Sepia photographs give a feel for the time and historic influence. I spend many hours just looking at photographs and these are a few that have really caught my attention.

As a result I hope you will enjoy watching them as much as I’ve enjoyed working with them.

Portrayals videos now on YouTube

I was very pleased to be included in an online festival of light workers last weekend and was asked to feature the Portrayals Charity animations.

Here’s a video I made especially for the day and you’ll find all of the Portrayals Videos from the day over on my YOUTUBE LINK which starts with a promotional video for The Little Princess Trust who we are supporting again this year, followed by some examples of the animations that have been done for friends:

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