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Image of a fountain pen and feather indicating traditional values with inspiration from the spirit world when responding to our contact form submissions

Contact Form

Please use my contact form to directly contact me. Often there are many submissions so at times it may take a few days to get a response however I do aim to respond to everyone. Responses will be open and honest at all times.

Who we are

Whispering Friends, Portrayals, and Shane Frost Mediumship are owned and operated by Shane Frost, a Medium and registered Spiritual Healer located in Norfolk in the United Kingdom.

Data consent

Our promise to you

This site will store your information so I can contact you. Data will not be sold on or shared with any 3rd parties. Your data will not be used for marketing purposes. At no point will I influence you to buy any of our products or services. We may suggest services if you contacted us with an enquiry directly about the services we offer.

The law in the United Kingdom

The law (UK) instructs me to inform the appropriate authorities if your submission includes:

  1. details that indicate criminal activities
  2. information indicating an intention to harm yourself
  3. indications of an intention to harm others

I reserve the right to contact the appropriate authorities without any prior notification to yourself.

How we use your data

This site has been written to comply with GDPR and a copy of personal data held is available via our Data Access Request page. More information is available in our Privacy Policy.

Thank you for your interest and for visiting our site. I look forward to hearing from you.


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