What is Spiritual Healing?

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What is Spiritual Healing?

I believe that Spiritual Healing can manifest through many forms. We must never underestimate the importance of the opportunities that arise for us to work in our healing rooms or sanctuaries. Likewise we must not restrict our healing and mediumship by confining it to only those times.

My own definition of Spiritual Healing is “that which lifts the spirits of any other being”.

How can Spiritual Healing commence?

Spiritual Healing can begin with the simple action of smiling, a kind word, the taking time to listen. It may be the sharing of a funny story. It can be anything that lights up of another’s spirit in any way you can. If you see someone struggling with their daily pressures and take time to talk to them so they feel better afterwards is that not also Spiritual Healing? Would it therefore not be a shame if we treat those we meet each day with any less importance or caring than we do if we have a booked healing appointment?

Those great Pioneers that have gone before us have given us the opportunity to allow our healing and mediumship to take place without prejudice against us like it did so harshly to so many in the past. Any minute in any day could present an opportunity for us to work and make a difference to another. As healers and mediums surely we all seek the best way we can serve others and make a change to the better around us. Why restrict our healing and mediumship by confining it to short appointments?

Why not open our eyes in the morning and include our mediumship in all that we do? Sensibly of course but to me this is why I also define my mediumship as being anything that lifts the spirits of another!

We then go to bed each night feeling better in ourselves when we reflect on the days accomplishments.

As healers we also benefit!

It’s a real win-win situation then, the more we help the more we benefit. Things we do for others are immediately returned to ourselves. The more we do the more we benefit.

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Spiritual Healing Sittings

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How many Healing Sessions are required?

I’m often asked how many healing sessions will be required. “As many as you feel you need” will ALWAYS be my response. This is not a non-committal statement. There are a number of important reasons driving this response.

image showing candles representing healing

There are certainly people who appear to benefit more from a number of sittings. I follow guidelines to ensure my motives are transparent.

Financial considerations

image showing piles of coins indicating the consideration of the financial aspects requrired regarding healing sessions

As a Spiritual Healer that charges (albeit for charity), it may be viewed that more healing sessions provide increased income for me.

It would be easy to tell a vulnerable person that they need 6 healing sessions at £20 in order to extract £120 from them. This isn’t what I’m about. My healing mediumship is not financially driven. It would be easy to be misunderstood by those that don’t know me on a personal level.

I have always been conscious that care should be taken not to request that a Client booked a follow-up healing session, however, this sometimes left me feeling that more may have been of benefit however that I couldn’t suggest it. I knew that some people responded better to multiple sessions but was just too worried about being seen as a fraud only wanting people back in order to facilitate a brighter financial position for myself.

Realising that my concerns always focused on the financial aspects made it easier to address. All I needed to do was remove the financial aspects and I could then carry on with the work in hand.

There are occasions when I feel at the end of the healing session that more may be accomplished with additional healing sessions. If this isn’t raised by the client and I feel that I’d like to attempt more sessions I may invite them back free of charge. This works at times when I feel there’s more to attempt removing any financial misunderstandings. Shows also there are no hidden motives.

General Advice

My advice to Clients is for them to see how they get on over the next week to ten days and then contact me if they feel that they would like any additional healing sessions. They can, of course, contact me in the interim if they have any concerns.

I approach every healing session with the intent to see someone once and hope that the session can do as much as possible for that person as possible with no need for further sittings. I’d love to provide a first-time fix service for everyone, however, this isn’t possible. There are times when I feel that the person may benefit from a number of healing sessions. If I feel this strongly I will tell them, ensuring they know these are undertaken through their own free will. It would be fabulous if we could make guarantees however sadly this is not the case. We never really know what benefit a healing sitting will bring.

An example of multiple healing sessions & benefits

image of magnifying glass indicting true healing session example

A number of years ago I visited a client weekly for a month. I knew after the first session that all the issues they had would be unlikely to be addressed in a single healing session. Having sent a thought to my healing helpers I got confirmation that they were in agreement. I asked the person if I could see them weekly for a further three visits and to remove any misunderstandings about my motives advised that there would be no charge.

Upon completion of the healing sessions, I could see how beneficial it had been to the person. I’m sure that results were better than they would have been if there had only been a single sitting. Seeing the improvements was payment enough. I noticed each session felt quite different from the others. It seemed each week provided opportunities to work on levels not achieved the previous session.

On reflection, I feel I may approach these situations differently in future. Rather than predicting a total number of weeks approach it with “I feel another session could be of benefit” reviewed after that one had taken place rather than commit to a specific number of sessions.

What’s in it for me if a free session is offered?

If I work spiritually with the truest intent there doesn’t have to be anything in it for me at all.

There are many personal advantages in my opinion. Opportunities are created to attempt to do as much as possible for someone. Nothing compares to the satisfaction of seeing positive changes in someone.

I welcome any opportunity to learn more about my healing mediumship and each healing session adds to my experience. I like to feel that I’ve done as much as I possibly could for someone.

With regards to the case study referenced above, seeing the change in that person made it so worthwhile. Total job satisfaction!

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