Start of a new site

Welcome to my slowly being resurrected website. I know there have been hundreds of readers some weeks so it’s been a very hard decision taken to completely flatten the site and rebuild it and a decision I haven’t taken lightly. GDPR in a nutshell. Something forced upon us which, to be honest, I do see as being a positive step forward as our data is in so many uncontrolled areas it’s well overdue for a big shakeup.

In order to comply I’ve issued a Privacy Policy and upgraded the Site Terms & Conditions. Both are to the best of my limited abilities but a much better option in my opinion than the head in the sand one just waiting for disaster to strike. Due to all previously received comments, healing requests, contact form details etc being received prior to the GDPR guidance I’ve totally blitzed the lot to start again from scratch and that decision was made as I’m not clever enough or have the time to go back to every single contributor asking them to regrant me permission to use again.

So I’m very reluctantly starting all over again but I do have a reasonable copy of all the previous documentation I’ve posted so I can gradually start to review, rewrite and replace.

Site maintenance, to be honest, is long overdue and much of the historical content was no longer pertinent. Many items I’ve written would be written quite differently if created now as I’ve learned more about some things, dropped and discarded others that are no longer relevant and in some ways humour me when I say my views have “matured”? Great word but “changed” would probably be a more honest and fitting one.

So persevere with me over the next few weeks as I get back up to speed please, it will be worth it as I’ve new sections planned, some beautiful animations to share based on the work I’ve been doing for charity over at the Portrayals Facebook Page which I’ve had immense pleasure with and I’ve been staggered at the amount of support and money that’s been raised for my Make A Wish Charity Page and Sarahs RSPCA Charity Page in just a couple of months. Please if you are able to, pop over and support us as we try to do something magical for 2 very deserving causes.

Thank you for visiting and I hope you enjoy the new site and as always thank you for your interest and support.


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