Lee-Anne Higgs – Spirit Artist and Medium

Lee-Anne Higgs – an introduction

While recently raising money for the Make A Wish Charity I became aware of the stunning Spirit Guide portraits Lee-Anne produces. A pattern was developing where many pictures were being submitted by Lee-Annes clients to my Portrayals Facebook page requesting they were animated. I was soon able to notice when a picture was one of Lee-Annes. Every portrait as stunning as the last, yet all quite unique in their own way.

A remarkably talented artist and medium

I realised when first speaking with Lee-Anne that she’s quite a remarkable person and not only is she a very talented artist, she’s one of a cherished group of friends that treat people right. The passion she has for her work is immediately obvious. She commits much of her time to her portraits yet was very happy to generously promote what I was doing to help the charity. Over a couple of months, the charity benefitted from hundreds of pounds with a high percentage brought about through Lee-Annes kind actions and those of her clients.

While working with Lee-Annes portraits I wasn’t only amazed at the detail and colours, I also noticed I was able to feel the closeness and personalities of those drawn. It’s easy to turn out animation after animation quite rapidly yet, like everything, the more time spent, the better the results. Asking the guides in the portraits to join me while I worked was a privilege. All borrowed for a moment in time yet leaving behind something of great benefit to me. It was clear everyone I produced animations for highly rated Lee-Anne and her work, none were disappointed.

Shane proudly holding with his Lee-Anne Higgs A3 Spirit Guide portrait

So I placed an order

I knew I wanted a picture of my own so I contacted Lee-Anne for a price list and knew immediately while speaking with Lee-Anne that she’s the real deal. A couple of quick sentences confirmed Lee-Anne was immediately aware of a Spirit Guide that I know works with me. So I placed an order and looked forward to seeing what Lee-Anne produced.

No disappointment with this one! Stunning and also including some very helpful information that Lee-Anne received while drawing the portrait. Unique specific information to help me. Not the generalised statements we see all too often these days that fit everyone. Clear concise accurate information especially for me!

So here’s a photograph of a very proud me with one of my Spirit Team drawn by Lee-Anne. Not such a flattering one of me! Clearly, I’m still immature enough to believe if I close my eyes you can’t see me. A fabulous interpretation of one of my guides though I’m sure you will agree!

Services offered by Lee-Anne

I’ve been in touch with Lee-Anne while I’ve been creating this page and as always it’s clear that Lee-Anne would welcome enquiries from anyone that may have a specific art request even if it doesn’t directly fall into the categories shown below. I know you’ll be in very good hands which is why I suggested this page was created on my site and so pleased when Lee-Anne agreed. The following services are currently available for UK and International clients:

  • A4 Spirit Guide portrait and introduction
  • A4 Spirit Guide portrait with full Guide reading and tumble stone
  • A3 Spirit Guide portrait and introduction
  • A3 Spirit Guide portrait with full Guide reading and tumble stone
  • A3 size soul drawing and reading
  • A3 size higher-self drawing and reading
  • A4 Guardian Angel portrait with an introduction and tumble stone
  • A3 Guardian Angel portrait with an introduction and tumble stone
  • Spirit Guide reading
  • 3 card messages from our Spirit Guide card reading
  • 5 card spiritual guidance reading

Please contact Lee-Anne to confirm prices and shipping fees.

Examples of Lee-Annes Spirit Guide Portraits

A note from Lee-Anne

“I can also do other types of art at your request. If there is anything particular you are after please do message me and I will see if I can help”. Thank you.

How to contact Lee-Anne

You can use the contact form below to contact Lee-Anne. Your message will be automatically sent directly to Lee-Anne who will then reply to you by email. This site will never send your data to any other 3rd parties or use it for marketing purposes:

Thank you for visiting and I hope you’ve found this to be of interest. You are welcome to tell others with the sharing buttons shown below.

Legal Disclaimer For Lee-Anne Higgs

Legal Disclaimer

By law Lee-Anne Higgs has to advise that Spirit Guide readings and portraits are intended for entertainment purposes only. No specific results can be guaranteed. Communication with spirit and the spirit world are experimental. There can be no guarantees of any nature for this type of reading. Any spiritual guidance, guidance for your life, or advice on developing your own mediumship abilities given by Lee-Anne Higgs is for your consideration only. They are not in any way to be taken as advice as for how you should live your life or act. If you make a decision or a choice as a result of a reading, guidance received or advice on mediumship development by Lee-Anne Higgs, you do so with the understanding that this is your personal & legal responsibility. By contacting Lee-Anne Higgs for a reading either through this website or other sources, you must confirm that there is no mental, emotional or physical reason that you should not receive this reading.

Lee- Anne Higgs will not work with missing person cases, predict pregnancy or diagnose or read in connection with any medical condition or DNA cases. Lee-Anne Higgs will not work with people who are under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

Lee-Anne Higgs reserves the right to refuse a reading and if necessary give a full refund if your reading has been paid for.

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