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Except for the “Reference Section”, all 3rd parties are friends and people I know. I’ve met them, worked with them or been trained by them. In some cases, I’ve purchased items from them. I’m therefore confident you will also be treated in the manner I’d like to be at all times.

These are friends with no hidden agendas. Friends working with the right intention. Friends that treat people correctly.

There are no commercially incentivised inclusions and there never will be. Some may, of course, be included in more than one section.

I do hope you find something of interest and where possible support them.

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Book Publishers

Image of Minister Steven UptonMinister Steven Upton publishes books about Spiritualism and mediumship.
"During the period we call Modern Spiritualism, 1848 to the current day, there have been some outstanding mediums. By keeping these books in print we preserve for future generations a record of their achievements and thereby keep their names alive" - Minister Steven Upton

Crystal Suppliers

Image showing Little Gems Rock Shop CromerLittle Gems Rock Shop
Ethically Sourced Crystals from around the World - Hand Picked For You. Located in the beautiful town of Cromer with a stunning range of Crystals to suit all pockets. Danny and the team have a wealth of knowledge and are always happy to help you choose the crystal that's just perfect. Big ones, little ones, Shiny ones, powerful ones, well worth a trip. Why not visit the amazing seaside town and make this part of your trip?

Healing Associations

Image of Harry EdwardsHarry Edwards Healing Sanctuary
Founded in 1946 by the world renowned spiritual healer Harry Edwards. Dedicated to promoting health and wellbeing through Spiritual Healing
Image of the Norfolk HealersThe Norfolk Healers
An association of trained and empathic healers who assist with many different issues, facilitating a sense of wellbeing at all levels.


Image of Steven Newton playing a fluteSteven Newton
I first met Steven at The Arthur Findlay College where he was one of the tutors who visited during the Shamanic course to play his flutes and lead a workshop. A really inspiring man who's method of teaching immediately resonated with me. Breaking old patterns in order to facilitate sensible and practical approaches which bring results. His website includes 3 fantastic cds:

Painted Faces
Dream Walking and
Standing Circles

Spirit Artists

Image of Lee-Anne Higgs Spirit ArtistLee-Anne Higgs
A truely remarkable Spirit Artist and Medium. Talented and a friend who has given me a huge amount of help when trying to raise money for Charity. Highly recommended to all.

Training Establishments

Image of The Arthur Findlay CollegeArthur Findlay College
A beautiful location I've made many happy memories at while staying as a student over a number of years. The Worlds foremost college for Advancement of Spiritualism and Psychic Sciences. Residential weeks, workshops and masterclasses. Stunning gardens, top class tuition and amazing catering. Tanya and friends really look after you and it's a truely magical experience. Open weeks listed on the website, an opportunity to visit first before booking a course.
Image of The Banyan RetreatBanyan Retreat
A small non-residential day retreat in the heart of Kent that I spent a week at a couple of years ago. Nick and Steven offer Natural Healing modalities, Mediumship Development Workshops and Demonstrations to promote Spiritual Growth. Working only with the best mediums and tutors, great care is taken with everyone who visits to ensure they are encouraged along a Spiritual Pathway which is right for them. Hoping to get an opportunity to go back again in the future. A really nice place with lovely people and a fantastic standard of teaching.

Tutors & Mediums

Image of Andrew CodlingAndrew Codling
Located in beautiful Norfolk UK. Spiritual Medium, Trance Medium and Tutor Andrew has become a good friend and helped me with many aspects of my mediumship. His open honest approach to mediumship is refreshing and produces a simple yet effective approach. Whether you're looking for a One to One psychic reading, to attend a workshop, or would like online tuition I'm sure you will find Andrew very approachable.
Image of Rev David ScottRev David Scott
Located in the Dallas/Fort Area, Texas, Rev. David Scott has been a professional medium for over a decade. He has studied at the Arthur Findlay College and holds a degree in Holistic Theology. David is available for platform work, one on one sittings and tutors mediumship. David provides ministerial services for weddings and memorial services. A top quality medium who I instantly warmed to when we met. Included as he's a friend that is very capable and a genuine good guy.
Image of Minister Simone KeyMinister Simone Key TSNU
Simone is a Minister of the SNU. Tutor of the The Arthur Findlay College. Teaching through out the UK and abroad. Private consultations. Residential Seminars. Lectures and Presentations. Workshops and Masterclasses.
Steven Newton See subheading "Musicians"

Reference Sites

Spiritualism Pioneers

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