Mediums who blame others – Martin Twycross CSNU

Martin is a Certificate Holder of the SNU and today I’d like to share a video of Martins that I’ve watched this morning. In particular, I like the reference made to the “Tact Filter”. I’m sure amongst my readers there will be a number that have at times watched some mediums work with horror. The blurty insensitive way some information just gets spewed directly and at times brutally. The over embellishment of simplicity for dramatic effect. The plethora of excuses when a medium isn’t prepared to be honest or display the true essence of the working medium which must at all times encompass sensitivity, integrity, honesty and love to their fellow man (and ladies of course)!

As mediums at whatever level we consider ourselves to be, beit starting out or established mediums there are times when we just have to accept that things won’t always go as well as we would like and one thing I’ve learnt is that we should never self-audit or dwell on how we felt we did. We will always be our harshest critic.

We focus on what we consider to be shortfalls. We kick ourselves with feelings we could have done better. Rarely will we ever be happy with what we’ve accomplished and to be honest, it’s not OUR sitting. The priority of the sitting, in my opinion, isn’t even that of the sitter. For me, I work ultimately for those in the spirit world, those in the world unseen that place great trust in me to relay a message of love to their loved ones this side of life. Of course, the sitter is important and plays their part but for me primarily it’s all about that special connection with those that have left the physical world and may not get another chance to communicate for a very long time.

I’m told the shortest sittings I’ve given have been amongst my best yet to me they seemed inferior as they were over in a flash. To my clients, they were perfect for them.

In my opinion, one of my best sittings consisted of only a couple of sentences delivered with honesty, accuracy and sensitivity. To me “is that it”? to the recipient “wow now that really WAS it”.

It’s important not to judge ourselves or our work, we will destroy the very thing we aim to achieve before it gets off the ground.

I’d ask those amongst you that are on the mediumship journey whether you are a working medium?

Are you one of the ones that reply with a no?

Do you do your best day by day to make a difference to those around you? Do you make people smile, bring light to their daily struggles, care about them and try to help where you can? Do you live to harm none in a selfless way? Do you care about those around you even if you may not know them? If so I’d ask you to consider again. Are you a working medium?

A working medium isn’t defined by fame success and recognition. They aren’t all found up on the platforms in the churches. If you are able to light up and brighten the spirit of anyone around you with whatever talent you have is that not displaying the true essence of the medium? Of course to be that medium we have to be able to connect with the discarnate spirit but if we switch on and off and don’t live the path of the true medium our spirituality doesn’t grow and we find that we never really reach our true potential in the way we can if we walk it, talk it, live it, dream it and embrace it.

Enjoy the video and you’ll find links to Martin below:

Martins website –

Martins youtube channel –

I’ve heard much about the quality of training Martin provides and having attended workshops of his previously have no problem recommending him to you all.

My very best wishes to you for the week ahead and feel free to share if you have found this to be of interest.


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