Mediumship Sittings

Image of a post it saying I Miss You. Something that always is apparent during mediumship sittings

The purpose of Mediumship Sittings

A mediumship sitting attempts to create an opportunity for friends and loved ones to draw close. At times they are able to provide information that shows their spirit continues after they pass from this world. They are also able to demonstrate that they retain their personalities, characteristics, and often recall cherished memories. Sometimes information proves they have an awareness of your life and that they have an ongoing interest in maintaining contact with you. Mediumship sittings can be both an emotional and happy experience. Nothing of a doom and gloom nature will be discussed. I have never received information of a negative nature and haven’t been aware of anything sent with the sole purpose of stoking up a dramatic performance.

What a Mediumship Sitting is NOT about

Mediumship sittings are not about trying to tell fortunes or predict lottery numbers. They won’t tell you about future romantic endeavours. No one will tell you how you have to live your life. Advice may be given but it’s not centralised around a problem-solving service.

Sittings are experimental

All sittings are experimental and no results can be guaranteed. Sadly I am not able to guarantee that you will hear from the person you want to or even anyone at all.  I will, however, endeavour to create an opportunity for something special to take place and hope that for you it will.

My intention is to simply to invite someone you know to come and join us and to find out what they would like to tell you about. At times some of the information above is included, at other times it’s just about sharing the special words and memories they want to bring forward.

What if it doesn’t work?

You have the right to end the sitting at any point. If you do so the sitting will be brought to a close. No money changes hands unless you are completely happy with the service you have received. Most attempts are successful but there are times when they don’t work as well as we’d like. There are many suggestions as to why some sitting attempts are a struggle but to be honest when that happens I often don’t know why. It is however just as important to me to treat someone correctly when things don’t go so well especially when you are dealing with such a sensitive subject.

Ending a Mediumship Sitting

I respectfully reserve the right to end a sitting if I find that I am unable to make or maintain a good connection. If this occurs please don’t assume that you have no loved ones around you. For this attempt, it didn’t work however you may find a sitting with a different medium proves more successful. I do however believe that EVERY attempt helps those in the spirit world as well as us to learn more about the processes involved and if a first contact has taken place it sets a foundation for future attempts which over time may become easier.

Your important part

If you are considering booking a Mediumship Sitting please do not disclose any personal information to me in advance. Please refrain from telling me all about your life and don’t give me information about those you know that have passed. Please don’t connect with me via any social networks. It’s not that I’m not wanting to speak with you but I don’t want any experience tarnished by thoughts of whether I researched or saw things on a Facebook page!

You will only be asked to respond with a Yes or No and this is to ensure that “cold reading” or “feed the medium” techniques are avoided.

You may attempt to record your sitting on your own equipment if you choose to do so.

It is your own responsibility to make up your mind about the authenticity of any content of a sitting. Any future actions taken following a sitting are taken of your own free will and you agree when booking a Mediumship Sitting that you do so of your own free will.

Please in all cases seek specialist advice from the relevant professional if you plan to make any changes to your circumstances based on information received during our time together. The interpretation of your sitting and it’s content is wholly your responsibility and any subsequent actions taken are of your own free will.

Sittings are not available to those under 18 years of age or anyone considered to be of a vulnerable nature.

How to book a Mediumship Sitting

Sittings are available some evenings and weekends and can be purchased below. If you are unsure whether to arrange a sitting please feel free to use my Contact Form and I will be in touch to discuss availability and answer any questions you may have. 

I look forward to hearing from you.


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