Psychometry – a very interesting subject

an image of an old watch an example of an item that you can attempt psychometry on

I’ve always enjoyed Psychometry, The feelings you can get from tapping into energies embedded in an object. The exciting information you can obtain by holding that item and tuning in to it!

Psychometry I’ve found is a subject there is so much interest in. Psychometry is something I’m often asked to demonstrate. Often it is referred to as “the thing you do when you hold an object”! Because of that interest, I decided to write this document.

Psychometry is a PSYCHIC ability

Psychometry is a psychic ability. Psychics are able to read or sense the history of some objects by touching them and may be able to receive information very accurately. They may be able to hear sounds, see images, receive smells or tastes. There are times when they can feel emotions from an object. Psychics may find some types of items work better than others. They may get no information from one item yet manage to get lots from the next. Some materials may hold information better than others too.

Approach with an open mind

Approach psychometry with an open mind with no preconceptions of what may or may not be received from an item. I have found a number of times that I have started working with an item on a psychic link (psychometry) and this has then naturally lead on to a mediumistic link. The items previous owner may arrive and provide more information. Early stages of my development involved borrowing items of jewellery from a number of kind friends and then in return giving them a sheet of information I’d been aware of as I practised. At times I got some pretty good results.

Like anything, of course, there were times I didn’t but it was a great way of getting in some practice.

My most interesting experience

In the past, my most interesting attempt at psychometry arose when a cherished friend (now back over the other side) showed me a treasured family box with 5 old war medals inside. As I started to lift the lid to see what was inside I was very aware that the contents were originally owned by two separate men.

I had no prior knowledge of this, and it was as though the two original owners took an immediate interest and visited their relation who brought the medals to mine. I knew this to be factual as I could see two very different gentlemen present and gauge who owned which medals just by their reaction as I removed them one by one from the box.

Scrying and divination

an image to show scrying with a crystal ball

Psychometry is known as a type of scrying or divination, a psychic way of seeing or obtaining information about an item without using what is classed as our 5 normal senses (seeing, hearing, tasting, touching, smelling).

Some people scry using a mirror, a bowl of water, a tray of sand, or a crystal ball. With psychometry, this vision and information retrieval is available by holding an item or even by just sitting in a location.

What are we aiming for?

When working with psychometry I have been able to hold an item (again I will use one of the medals as an example) in order to obtain information about the history of the item. I was able to receive information about the person who owned the item, and I was able to get information about the person’s life while they were in possession of the item. I have had flashback images of their life, what they did to earn the medal and also obtain information about how they left this world and joined the next. The person’s emotions were strongly linked to the item and it was relatively easy to pick up on any strong opinions they had while they were alive, how they were emotionally, and what type of person they were. Physical descriptions of the person and their conditions/interests/habits were available once that link was established.

The history of psychometry

an image of a pile of books indicating psychometry as an old researched subject

“Psychometry” as a term was originally used by Joseph R. Buchanan in 1842 and it was taken from two Greek words. The first being psyche meaning “soul” and the second being metron meaning “measure”.

Joseph Rodes Buchanan is believed to be the first person to experiment with psychometry by placing different drugs in glass vials and then he would ask for identifications to be made by his students just by holding them. He ascertained that the success rate was higher than could be expected from random guesses and the rate of success was, therefore, higher than just being one of chance.

Joseph Buchanan published a book called the Journal of Man and included his results on psychometry in it. His theory was that all objects or physical items have souls that are able to retain a memory.

Differing opinions

Some psychical researchers think the information about an object is recorded in its aura or energy field surrounding it. Some think that the information is held in the items magnetic field almost like an ability to record information like a tape recorder. The psychic can, therefore, be thought of as a tape player, recalling the information held about the item.

Following the publication of the Journal of Man other renowned professionals have continued experiments into psychometry including American professor of geology William F. Denton who’s sister could identify geological specimens that were wrapped in cloth and describe the contents through mental images she received.

This, of course, is when documentation was made. Psychometry goes back far longer than when it was first written about.


So, a consideration, therefore, must be what it is about me that enables me to use this skill to recall accurate proven information about an item?

Is it my friends in the spirit world transferring the information to me? I think not. I do think that when there is a mediumistic link with the owner of the item that the spirit world is very much involved but whilst working psychically, I sense no link to the spirit world in place at all. Psychometry however naturally leads into picking up the link of spirit and is, therefore, a good way to start out when you want to unfold your mediumship.

Although some believe that psychometry is influenced by the spirit it is more generally considered to be a natural ability of the human mind. We are ALL psychic. I have no special gifts that you don’t have when working psychically, however, I have chosen to develop this skill and the more I practice the better the results appear to be. Therefore the skill must lie within us all and the possibility of working with psychometry is an option we all possess.

An exercise YOU can try!

an image of an emoji pointing at you showing you can try psychometry

The key is the same with any other ability or skill you wish to improve. Practice, practice and more practice!

  • Sit in a place that has no distractions, is peaceful, and quiet.
  • Have someone with you that you trust that also knows information about the item you are going to work with.
  • Make sure that you are as comfortable as possible and close your eyes.
  • Ask the other person present to put the item in your hand without you seeing it. This can work well if there’s more than one person in the room and the item can be passed to you without you knowing who’s it is.
  • Tell the owner you don’t want information about the item in advance.
  • Get an item that has been owned for a long time.
  • Initially, clear your mind and try to focus on the item. As feelings or images come into your mind say them out loud.
  • Trust and say whatever you see or feel or sometimes hear as you sense the object. Don’t try to understand or interpret any of the information, just keep saying it as you get it.

No-one available to work with? Borrow an item and then record your thoughts about the item so the person who supplied the item can comment afterwards. I believe it is important to get feedback otherwise we never know if we are getting it right. If we don’t know this we may soon lose interest.

Commit to the information if it feels right

Don’t worry if you may be wrong, or worry that something you describe may seem silly.

I have found some of the most bizarre-seeming information has been the most accurate and evidential. It’s like anything else, the more you practice the better you will become and the information available is like a big bag of goodies, the more you dip in the more you can discover. It is important to insist on fair and accurate feedback from the owner of the item.

If you get something they don’t understand it is important they tell you. Try to work out why you got that information and what it means.

Be kind to yourself

Don’t worry too much about your rate of accuracy at first. The best psychics in the world don’t get everything right.

Start off by trying to give someone 3 good clear accurate pieces of information and build on from there. Just observe all the impressions that come to your mind and describe them. Often the most unexpected images are likely to be the most accurate.

We must accept that the person may not know the information you are giving them. There will be times this happens when you are SURE that you are right. One example springs to mind of a reading I did in a practice group with a gold ring. Time and time again I said I could see boats and a ship going past. The owner couldn’t understand this and kept telling me that it made no sense. During a coffee, after the session, the owner explained that they had found the ring on a beach!

You’re very safe while working with psychometry

an image showing psychometry is safe shown by a small dog wrapped in a blanket

ENJOY the work and the practice, it’s a privilege so don’t give out information that isn’t of a positive nature. We do this work to help each other. If you pick up an item and don’t like the way it feels put it down again. You’re not going to attract a negative attachment. It’s not the devil’s work. We aren’t digging up any loved ones or attaching them to an object for eternity! No item will place you under psychic attack or turn you into a frog overnight!

EXPERIMENT, what’s to say that the way I work is correct for you?

ENJOY the experience you never know what you may stumble across!

Additional reading

A psychometry exercise to try – another document available within this site.


If you find this item interesting please feel free to share it freely with others. I would, however, appreciate you including my site details and not passing this on as your own work.

Did something exciting happen when you attempted this? You can contact me as I’d love to hear more or feel free to add comments below!

Thank you for taking the time to visit my site. I do hope it has been of interest to you.

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