Site Progress July 14th 2018

Site Progress July 14th 2018

A quick update

So many hours have gone into the site over the last few weeks trying to get it all lovely ready for documentation and writing to begin.

Gallery items

Portrayal animations progress

With a stunning 655.48 GBP raised so far goodness knows how many Gallery plugins and different pieces of software I’ve trialled to attempt to import some of the wonderful artwork and animations worked on to raise money for the Make A Wish charity page and the RSPCA to help a good friend Sarah.

I’ve settled on Envira however this has a cost of around £60 for the first year so some animations may be offered to raise the money needed to cover the annual cost. Everything else will continue to go to good causes. I don’t intend to make any money from the Portrayals work but it’s fair I believe to cover my net costs. A choice will be always offered to my friends and those I’m working with.

If you visit what I’ve got in place so far over at the Portrayals Animations Gallery you’ll see some stunning artwork by many of my Spirit Artist Friends. Click on an image and it will then link over to the animated version. Pretty pleased how it’s shaping up however need to find a way to standardise the size of the frames in the lightbox settings (help if there’s any experts out there please)! I’d be VERY grateful.

Arthur Findlay College

I have placed some of my cherished photographs on line having been fortunate to attend the college on a number of occasions. These have been split into 3 categories at present:

1) The Arthur Findlay College Building Photographs

2) A few of my Arthur Findlay College Horse Photographs, greatly cut down so as not to show faces of other friends that have attended (privacy and respect, very important)!

3) Some beautiful photographs of the Arthur Findlay College Gardens.

All of these I’m happy to have shared, printed or discussed. A truely magnificent and beautiful location indeed.

Inspired Thoughts

I’ve added 1 so far! not much I know but i’m sure this will grow as I’m going to include those Pearls of Wisdom I see that others come up with and this should end up being a very nice section. Again, like anything, take it share it print it quote it. No problems at all with regards to doing so. Not to be chopped and changed into your own work though please. I too respect the work of others and share only with a link back.

Paranormal Investigation Locations

Somthing I’ve only recently started to take an interest in. So far I’ve just added in some of my Harwich Redoubt Fort Photographs taken during June 2018. A wonderful place to spend time at having had much loving input from the local residents. Much going on of a spooky nature? Didn’t experience much but certainly I felt an interest from the Spirit World while we were there. Off to Skegness tonight so more to be added soon.

Frequently asked questions section

Up and running and tested. So far a little information including:

Do all Mediums work in the same way?

How many healing sessions are required?

What is Spiritual Healing?

Traceys best selling item

I’ll be regularly adding an image to the left hand side of the site showing Tracey’s current best selling item, done in this way as I believe the link into ebay will calulate shipping for our non UK based friends. Much too complicated I found to do externally from eBay without commiting some quite high costs and as a non profit making site I have to find practical and cheap ways to operate at present.

Here is a link to Tracey’s eBay Shop with some wonderful items for purchase. Also linked in to the top menu structure of the site.

Spirit Artist Appointments with Lee-Anne Higgs

A big thank you to those of you that have contacted Lee-Anne via this site. I know it’s appreciated and have been very privaledged to have Lee-Annes agreement to be included on this site.

Lee-Anne Higgs Spirit Artist

Is there something you are missing?

I’ve had a couple of people get in touch looking for previous documents. I’ve got them all backed up. If you are looking for a document that’s been removed temporarily please Contact Me and I’ll get an email copy over to you.

The site is continuing to take shape and is looking like a proper website again. Hardly any content at present but the foundations are in. Plenty of testing successfully completed now too.

There’s much to be getting on with and although progress has seemed slow it’s all starting to take shape nicely.

My very best wishes for the week ahead


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