Site Progress May 30th 2018

SEO, Meta Descriptions, focus keywords, internal links, external links, cookies, compliance, privacy policies, corner stones, data request forms, disclaimers, legalities, readability, image alt attributes, PHEW.

Having thought yesterday I was doing pretty well I looked at the behind the scenes requirements in order to get a reasonable footprint on the internet.

Absolute mine field for someone who’s fairly techie but not a professional web developer!

Now’s the time to do it though as once the sites growing there’s no chance to get the opportunity back.

Historically I thought I was doing well as the site became very popular however I know now there were vast improvements to make. Hopefully, this new approach is apparent with some of the new layouts.

The home page is finalised with the links working and I’ve now added a page about Spiritual Healing Sittings.

Today’s main tasks:

  • getting a social toolbar in, tested and working! One I’ve tried a number of times over the last few days but not nailed as yet!
  • a facebook feed from the Shane Frost Mediumship page down the side would be nice.

Is there something you are missing?

I’ve had a couple of people get in touch looking for previous documents. I’ve got them all backed up. If you are looking for a document that’s been removed temporarily please Contact Me and I’ll get an email copy over to you.

The site is continuing to take shape and is looking like a proper website again. Hardly any content at present but the foundations are in. Plenty of testing successfully completed now too.

There’s much to be getting on with and although progress has seemed slow it’s all starting to take shape nicely.

The beautiful photograph above is free for commercial use and was obtained from Pixabay courtesy of Arek Socha. Enjoy and I hope you have a great day and thank you for stopping by.


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