Site Progress May 28th 2018

So what do we do when we get a week off from the IT job?

Spend it doing IT and the GDPR thing that’s been forced upon us. I do see the point but it seems quite something to get your head around if like me you’re a small site developer with very little knowledge of the legalities.

I got myself in a right muddle so backed up what I could and started the site off again totally from scratch.

Most of the last 3 days have been spent creating, reading, getting Privacy Policies in place, building in mandatory Data Request stuff, adding in consent tick boxes and terms, conditions and disclaimers.

SSL is FINALLY in place – Testing of the email relays and the patience of the hosting company over in the USA is completed.

A huge thank you to KVCHosting in the USA who have been fantastic. If you’re thinking of starting out on the internet or looking for a new host I’d highly recommend them as not only are the far cheaper than many but they are always there and very professional in a crisis!

So I’ve finally got the Absent Healing Form and Contact Form. Found a great site for free to use images over at Pixabay and started building a link to the Facebook pages for Portrayals and Shane Frost Mediumship.

The link to Instagram to is tested and working and I’m thinking of publishing the Spirit Guide animations that have taken off so well recently bringing in over £600 including gift aid for my Make A Wish Charity Page as well as enabling me to pass some money over to Sarah Turners RSPCA Charity Page. A massive hi five to a lady and a bunch of very cute dogs stepping 10,000 steps a day EVERY day in June. I’d have been there to join in but it not for having to be here getting the site right! A sad and desperate escape excuse but one I’m sticking with! There are still opportunities to have your pictures and photographs animated at £4 each for a short while so please come over an look at what I’m doing over on my Portrayals Facebook Page.

Anyway, so that’s what I’ve been doing the last few days.

Anyone that has previously submitted anything to the site sorry it’s all gone now. After much difficult thought processes, it seem that the easiest way forward was just to blitz any data held up until the 25th of May 2018 and completely start all over again and I do feel that has been the right decision. Later on today I’ll hope to have the subscribe to site-side back up and running but it’s giving me a bit of GDPR troubling at the moment.

I’ve got some exciting things planned for this site and I will be gradually feeding in those documents that were on the previous site. It certainly seems now that the decision to start again and bring the site up to scratch with regards to background processes and procedures has been the right one so I can gradually start getting some of the ideas I have in my head out and published.

Thank you for your support during this major transition and I hope you’ll find the site refreshing and of interest again shortly.


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