Site update completed

Hello to all.

I’ve had a week off work and taken a rare opportunity to spruce, streamline, tidy up, rejig this site.

The addition of a Site Index will help readers navigate around it. This has highlighted that I need to start adding in more content and I do have much more to share.

Bookings online are available again and I have added a few options into My Store. Sittings will be available at weekends mainly with limited evenings sometimes available. I’ve had quite a break as, like many, have found current times challenging. Thank you to those that have been VERY patient!

I’ve included a couple of Listings for Charity and again am supporting The Little Princess Trust. They do some amazing work. There’s a couple of listings for Coffee time chats built around your questions and personalised to those that may have questions about their own mediumship. I find many requests for Tarot turn into questions about Mediumship Development. 50% of the money from the Coffee time listings will be passed on to the Charity.

Thank you for your time and I hope to hear from you soon. Questions are welcome via my Contact Page.

My very best wishes to you all and for those of you that (like me) celebrate Easter, have a safe, happy and enjoyable weekend.


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