Do all Mediums work in the same way?

An Image showing a person with an enquiring mindThank you to Sarah for asking a very interesting question.

Do all Mediums work in the same way?

Mediums do not all work in the same way.

I believe that the majority of Mediums work mainly with their clairsentience enhanced with other abilities.

I believe at times the majority of Mediums switch between what we term as “psychic” work and “spiritual” work.

Is a “Spiritual” Medium better than a “Psychic” Medium?

There appears to be a preconceived idea that if we work with our psychic faculties we just aren’t as good as someone who doesn’t. I also believe that they are all part of the whole service we offer and they do overlap each other during a sitting.

Some of the highest standing mediums I’ve met have during training sessions indicated when they were working psychically and when they are linking with spirit. I see this as a credit to them.

I think it is important as Mediums to recognise which mode we are in however as we become more experienced the moving between the two becomes almost instantaneous.

We all have quite unique ways of working.

As a Medium, I have my own preferred way of working utilising certain ways that I have become more adept at over the years.

My Mediumship is constantly evolving and what works for me won’t necessarily work for others. I, therefore, hope that others don’t just try to mimic or copy the methods I work with or those of other Mediums.

I would prefer that those reading my articles or sitting in my groups take that which I share and try it, adapt it, pull it apart, put a spin on it,  try it, reassemble it, embrace that which works for them and discard that which doesn’t as we all work differently.

I try to share a range of ideas hoping others will discover something that will help them. We must share similar goals but our abilities and the way we access the information being relayed to us can be quite different!

If you find something that works feel FREE to share it so we can experiment with that idea too. As long as we attempt new ways of working in a way that steps aside from our preconceived ideas we will make progress along the way.

Our Spirit Friends nudge us in the right direction but we have to be prepared to step outside our comfort zones to find those clues left before us.

Best wishes and thank you for visiting my site. Feel free to share anything you find of value with others.

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