What is Spiritual Healing?

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What is Spiritual Healing?

I believe that Spiritual Healing can manifest through many forms. We must never underestimate the importance of the opportunities that arise for us to work in our healing rooms or sanctuaries. Likewise we must not restrict our healing and mediumship by confining it to only those times.

My own definition of Spiritual Healing is “that which lifts the spirits of any other being”.

How can Spiritual Healing commence?

Spiritual Healing can begin with the simple action of smiling, a kind word, the taking time to listen. It may be the sharing of a funny story. It can be anything that lights up of another’s spirit in any way you can. If you see someone struggling with their daily pressures and take time to talk to them so they feel better afterwards is that not also Spiritual Healing? Would it therefore not be a shame if we treat those we meet each day with any less importance or caring than we do if we have a booked healing appointment?

Those great Pioneers that have gone before us have given us the opportunity to allow our healing and mediumship to take place without prejudice against us like it did so harshly to so many in the past. Any minute in any day could present an opportunity for us to work and make a difference to another. As healers and mediums surely we all seek the best way we can serve others and make a change to the better around us. Why restrict our healing and mediumship by confining it to short appointments?

Why not open our eyes in the morning and include our mediumship in all that we do? Sensibly of course but to me this is why I also define my mediumship as being anything that lifts the spirits of another!

We then go to bed each night feeling better in ourselves when we reflect on the days accomplishments.

As healers we also benefit!

It’s a real win-win situation then, the more we help the more we benefit. Things we do for others are immediately returned to ourselves. The more we do the more we benefit.

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