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Due to the continuing Covid situation these appointments are only currently available online.

It often seems that tarot and mediumship sittings leads into the Sitter wanting an opportunity to discuss their mediumship, issues they are have progressing or the things that have been going on in their lives they may be struggling with.

This listing is for an hour built around your questions. An opportunity to just sit and discuss what you want, we may get out the cards while we turn to our friends in the spirit world for advice. At times loved ones may make themselves known (never guaranteed but the opportunity is always created).

I'm not a trained counsellor so there a limitations to what I can advise on however I have helped many people through my own experiences and often answers that allude the person are simply discovered through friendly discussion.

My preference is to use Zoom however FaceTime or Messenger is available.

This service is exclusively for those over the age of 18 years and not available to minors.

With any service I offer where money changes hands it will only be retained if you are 100% happy with the service received. No sell ons or upgrades or product placement. Just honest transparent friendly confidential mediumship and if you don't feel I've helped the payment will be returned in full at the end of our appointment. 50% of your payment will be paid to the The Little Princess Trust once I know you are happy with the service provided. Proof will be provided to you once payment is completed.

If you have found this listing, want to get in touch and genuinely can not afford to book via my site please let me know as there may be another exchange we can discuss that doesn't involve money. I believe everybody has something they can provide of value and you may be able to help someone else in your way.

I reserve the right to decline reading at my discretion or to bring them to a close if I feel a good enough connection is in place (payment being returned in full promptly with my thanks).

UK law states I must add that this service is for entertainment only so here's that line as it's mandatory......

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