Defining the CLAIR senses

CLAIR is the French word for CLEAR and is a collective phrase that groups together sensitivities that relate to our own 5 senses.

OBJECTIVE occurrences are witnessed by all present. They are witnessed using our physical senses. They may fall within the category of Physical mediumship (anything happening of a physical nature that can be perceived by the medium and others present).

SUBJECTIVE occurrences are only witnessed by the medium using the Clair senses.

ClairALIENCE (Clear Smelling)

To smell a fragrance that is NOT in one’s physical environment and has no physical source. During sittings I may smell a cigarette or a favourite perfume which provide evidence about the person visiting from the Spirit World. This mostly occurs SUBJECTIVELY (noticed only by myself). There have been times when our development group all smell the same thing and this would be an OBJECTIVE occurrence.

ClairAUDIENCE (Clear Audio)

Hearing that which is inaudible. The perception of sounds or words heard without using one’s physical ears. May sound like one’s own thoughts. During the times that I am aware of a persons name it is received this way. I have created a video that goes into greater details about my own experiences:

Clairaudience – aspects of sound

ClairCOGNIZANCE (Clear knowing)

When we just know something but may not know how. Mediums can be influenced by the spirit world with thoughts and knowledge that just pop into our thoughts and we just know they are correct. A skill those that are intuitive possess. I have found my Clairsentience seems to have developed more into Claircognizance over the years. Now I often just know things yet often have no idea how that information has arrived and it tends to be very accurate.

ClairGUSTANCE (Clear Tasting)

An awareness of a taste that doesn’t exist in the physical world. This may be the taste of a favourite recipe or food. At times I’ve been able to tell medical conditions from tastes. An example would be a metallic taste indicating an imbalance in the blood. A quick icky fact – Doctors used to taste a patients urine to diagnose certain diseases and illnesses. Thankfully times have changed but it does show that there is a place for Clairgustance in a sitting if you learn to associate certain tastes with their causes. My favourite times are when someone in spirit brings forwards a taste of their favourite sweet or drink.

ClairSENTIENCE (Clear Sensing)

I believe this is the main faculty of the majority of mediums. To receive information by FEELING and SENSING. When a loved one or friend draws close from the Spirit World I would generally initially sense them. I may sense they are larger or smaller than myself. I may sense their physical ailments while they were this side of life or their gender. Clairsentients may sense peoples moods or the energy in a room and may soak up feelings that are not their own. This can be a faulty that can overload a medium if self care isn’t taken and regular energy clearing doesn’t take place.

ClairVOYANCE (Clear Seeing)

Obtaining VISUAL information from a variety of origins, omitting ones own eyes. This may be a flash of information received via our 3rd eye also known as the mind’s eye or inner eye. Genuine mediums working responsibly won’t predict the future however they may at times get views of things that are coming up. All can change of course based on the sitters current actions.

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