image of a dove indicating an advance goodbye from the spirit world

Spirit Communication – An advance goodbye

I’d just like to share with readers a valuable cherished memory that occurred many years ago while I was still learning lots and particularly in need of confirmation. Confirmation that I was really doing it and not just making things up or having delusional episodes. An advance goodbye from a lady about to complete her transition to the Spirit World helped me greatly.

Experimenting with psychometry

I was at a point where I was regularly experimenting with psychometry and had started to improve with regular practice.

Many friends helped me and I used to borrow items, have them for a while in exchange for providing the owner with some writing about what I’d experienced.

A brief visit from a lady

A good friend of mine had lent me a piece of jewellery and I’d finished working with it and returned it and my comments. Don’t recall if I did well or not, too long ago!

I woke in my bedroom a few days later and saw a lady sitting at the end of my bed. The lady told me her name and showed me the jewellery in her hand. I immediately knew who she wanted to speak to and she just wanted to say she was ok and shortly disappeared from my awareness.

Passing the message on

That morning I happened to be on the same train as the lady who owned the jewellery. Knowing the communication was definitely for her and safe in the knowledge that she was approachable I named the lady and told her that she wanted to say she was fine.

A little confusion followed as my friend only knew one lady with the same name who was still this side of life. My friend made it clear it was strange as the lady was still alive.

I wasn’t sure then what to do, I had a feeling I’d put my foot in it, moved politely on and later that day told my wife Tracey about the experience and that something didn’t make sense.


My friend telephoned me the following day. She told me the lady who had made herself known to me for the briefest of times passed a few hours after we met on the train. She was still on this side of life when visiting me. This opens up a huge number of questions but the important thing was she got her message to my friend. She reached out in a way she could, showed me a specific item so I knew who she wanted to say goodbye too.

Amazing on the part of the lady who visited.

Of value to all involved

Special for us all. Of great value to myself as it confirmed that communication ability. Special from my friend as it gave some reassurance once she found out the lady had gone home. Very special I hope for the lady who I know was able to reach out and say goodbye in her own way. One which wouldn’t have likely happened in any other way.

The departure lounge – Advance Goodbye

image of a departure lounge showing my interpretation of an advance goodbye

I often wonder what happens when we start to prepare to move from this life into our next. So many questions remain unanswered and probably will. I often speak of this particular experience when asked how much time a friend in the Spirit World should be given before they can connect and communicate back from their side of life.

In my opinion, there’s really no minimum duration. I’ve had communications within minutes of a loved one departing wanting to pass a message back. I’ve had others where years later nothing has come through via myself or other mediums. This one was quite unique in that it was a communication while the lady was still our side of life. What I do feel is important is that those remaining in this physical world take enough time to heal and grieve before starting to seek that first contact.

Powerful minds

I believe as our body becomes weaker our mind becomes more powerful. As we start to leave the physical behind we are released from the confines that are placed by our bodies. I see that time of transition as being one like a departure lounge. A place where we prepare for the journey ahead. Between worlds for a short period of time.

I don’t have all the answers. This special older lady was able to enter my awareness a number of hours before she left. She found a way to say goodbye. This reminds us to be particularly sensitive when around people making their transition. That sharpened awareness while they may appear to be leaving our side. Those stories we often hear of people in comas that are fully aware of what’s being said. That respect that is needed always.

You are welcome to comment below and share your experiences if you would like to. I read every one.

I hope you have found this of interest.  I remember that lady often, always gratefully, always with thanks.

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