Outside the beautiful Arthur Findlay College – The World’s Foremost College for the Advancement of Spiritualism and Psychic Sciences

I am Shane and I live in Norfolk in East Anglia (UK). Currently only available to work over the internet due to the restrictions placed upon us all by the very sad Covid19 situation. I can, however, offer the services shown below and welcome your enquiries via my Contact Form.

Services offered / Current Prices

Training and professional memberships

Having obtained my Reiki 1 (Usui Shiki Ryoho) certificate in March 2006 and my Reiki 2 certificate in September 2008 I went on to attend a number of courses at The Arthur Findlay College (pictured on this page). I then went on to complete a 2-year Spiritual Healing course with The Norfolk Healers who I hold a full registered healers position with.

My approach is one of honesty and transparency. You will not be charged for any of my services unless you are happy with it. The very nature of the services I offer means that every sitting is an experiment. Mostly they go well but from time to time things aren’t achievable and in that event you’ll be offered a full refund. Consequential loses won’t be considered so please bear that in mind when booking. In the UK you are also protected by Consumer Law. Records of all sittings are kept and you are welcome to record your sitting if you wish to do so.

**All sittings are considered experimental and no outcome can be guaranteed. UK legislation states that I have to inform you that this website comes under the description of “for entertainment purposes”. I don’t work as a medium to entertain people but that’s the guidelines so it’s included. Please ensure you have read our Privacy Policy before submitting personal information. In using this site you are bound by our Terms and Conditions. It should not be assumed that I agree with all content on other sites I link to as it should not be assumed those linking to mine agree with all that I post. If you spot an error on this site I would appreciate you notifying me so I can correct appropriately. All posted items should be viewed as my opinion only. Work of others included with prior consent. All can be shared unless stated at the top of the article. You are free to use and distribute my content as long as you include my information and don’t submit it as your own work. I’m happy to publish other people’s items if they are sensible and fit the subject matter of this site so please let me know if you have work you would like considered. Steps are taken to ensure this site is a virus and malicious code free one, however, we can not be held responsible for any data transfer that may affect your equipment in the event a 3rd parties actions cause a wider issue. In the United Kingdom anytime that money changes hands you are protected by Consumer Law. Like any other service, you are entitled to a service of an acceptable and fair standard. If you don’t’ feel that standard has been achieved you will not be expected to pay. Travelling costs quoted in advance will still apply so please bear this in mind before requesting a home visit. Sittings when available via online technologies will be payable in advance by Paypal however if you are not entirely happy with your sitting your payment will be refunded to you in full within 24 hours.
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