Defining the CLAIR senses

CLAIR is the French word for CLEAR and is a collective phrase that groups together sensitivities that relate to our own 5 senses.

OBJECTIVE occurrences are witnessed by all present. They are witnessed using our physical senses. They may fall within the category of Physical mediumship (anything happening of a physical nature that can be perceived by the medium and others present).

SUBJECTIVE occurrences are only witnessed by the medium using the Clair senses.

ClairALIENCE (Clear Smelling)

To smell a fragrance that is NOT in one’s physical environment and has no physical source. During sittings I may smell a cigarette or a favourite perfume which provide evidence about the person visiting from the Spirit World. This mostly occurs SUBJECTIVELY (noticed only by myself). There have been times when our development group all smell the same thing and this would be an OBJECTIVE occurrence.

ClairAUDIENCE (Clear Audio)

Hearing that which is inaudible. The perception of sounds or words heard without using one’s physical ears. May sound like one’s own thoughts. During the times that I am aware of a persons name it is received this way. I have created a video that goes into greater details about my own experiences:

Clairaudience – aspects of sound

ClairCOGNIZANCE (Clear knowing)

When we just know something but may not know how. Mediums can be influenced by the spirit world with thoughts and knowledge that just pop into our thoughts and we just know they are correct. A skill those that are intuitive possess. I have found my Clairsentience seems to have developed more into Claircognizance over the years. Now I often just know things yet often have no idea how that information has arrived and it tends to be very accurate.

ClairGUSTANCE (Clear Tasting)

An awareness of a taste that doesn’t exist in the physical world. This may be the taste of a favourite recipe or food. At times I’ve been able to tell medical conditions from tastes. An example would be a metallic taste indicating an imbalance in the blood. A quick icky fact – Doctors used to taste a patients urine to diagnose certain diseases and illnesses. Thankfully times have changed but it does show that there is a place for Clairgustance in a sitting if you learn to associate certain tastes with their causes. My favourite times are when someone in spirit brings forwards a taste of their favourite sweet or drink.

ClairSENTIENCE (Clear Sensing)

I believe this is the main faculty of the majority of mediums. To receive information by FEELING and SENSING. When a loved one or friend draws close from the Spirit World I would generally initially sense them. I may sense they are larger or smaller than myself. I may sense their physical ailments while they were this side of life or their gender. Clairsentients may sense peoples moods or the energy in a room and may soak up feelings that are not their own. This can be a faulty that can overload a medium if self care isn’t taken and regular energy clearing doesn’t take place.

ClairVOYANCE (Clear Seeing)

Obtaining VISUAL information from a variety of origins, omitting ones own eyes. This may be a flash of information received via our 3rd eye also known as the mind’s eye or inner eye. Genuine mediums working responsibly won’t predict the future however they may at times get views of things that are coming up. All can change of course based on the sitters current actions.

Site update completed

Hello to all.

I’ve had a week off work and taken a rare opportunity to spruce, streamline, tidy up, rejig this site.

The addition of a Site Index will help readers navigate around it. This has highlighted that I need to start adding in more content and I do have much more to share.

Bookings online are available again and I have added a few options into My Store. Sittings will be available at weekends mainly with limited evenings sometimes available. I’ve had quite a break as, like many, have found current times challenging. Thank you to those that have been VERY patient!

I’ve included a couple of Listings for Charity and again am supporting The Little Princess Trust. They do some amazing work. There’s a couple of listings for Coffee time chats built around your questions and personalised to those that may have questions about their own mediumship. I find many requests for Tarot turn into questions about Mediumship Development. 50% of the money from the Coffee time listings will be passed on to the Charity.

Thank you for your time and I hope to hear from you soon. Questions are welcome via my Contact Page.

My very best wishes to you all and for those of you that (like me) celebrate Easter, have a safe, happy and enjoyable weekend.


Clairaudience Video Clip

It never ceases to amaze me the lengths that our Spirit Friends go to get our attention. From objects appearing to the great efforts attempted to ensure we know they are around us. Hearing a departed friend to me is one of the finest experiences one can obtain reassurance from.

The first time I heard what I’d describe as a “proper” voice was sitting at home watching TV with my wife Tracey yet she heard nothing. I’ve since learnt this is a subjective experience only witnessed by oneself.

Over the years this has changed and, at times, all in the household hear people especially one particular son who has taken up the same interests I did all those years ago.

One shouldn’t lessen the value of the names that enter our awareness as thoughts often sounding like ourselves but my word, when you hear the voice of another calling out their name, that’s truly a very moving experience however for me not often.

Hearing the voice of another that that has travelled to the Spirit World is quite often out of the blue when I least expect it and the accompanying excitement more often than not causes me to lose the quality of connection that had to have been in place to achieve it. I am at my most receptive state when going to sleep, just waking up, day dreaming or in the middle of some monotonous task and that’s why I’m never fully prepared for when it happens.


Native American Photograph Slideshow

I thought I’d take the opportunity to share a slide show I created yesterday. This features some wonderful Native American photographs I found over at the Boston Public Library licensed via Unsplash.

“War Drums” by Rhythm Scott (licensed by Audiio). is the a perfect accompaniment to this particular Native American slideshow.

I love old style photographs. The depth and characteristics in black and white and Sepia photographs give a feel for the time and historic influence. I spend many hours just looking at photographs and these are a few that have really caught my attention.

As a result I hope you will enjoy watching them as much as I’ve enjoyed working with them.

Mystical Shaman Oracle – The Curse

A new day with some new friends

How pleased I am today to receive a couple of new sets of Oracle cards. These were purchased from Hay House who were having a sale on their oracle cards recently.

An ominous start

I always bless and set my intention with every new set of cards I work with. There did however seem to be a bit of an ominous introduction to the Mystical Shaman Oracle Cards. I pulled out a card for the day and chose, “THE CURSE”. Now that sounds a right good start (not)!

What doe’s it mean?

Mystical Shaman Oracle Deck 14 The Curse

The Curse can indicate a blockage in our creative energy! Well that’s certainly the case, I’ve proper shut down again from all things weird. A couple of weeks away from sittings turned into the best part of 2 years. My Christmas break from the charity animations turned into 6 months. I started to feel that I was creating animations that seemed very similar and that was never the point.

The Curse indicates a destructive force. That will surely be me then as I’ve always chucked in anything I’m not 100% happy with. For a long while I haven’t been able to be bothered to do anything or go anywhere. Work takes up so much time and small shifts in thinking haven’t been strong enough to change it quite yet.

This card invites to “Forgive Everyone and Everything”. I think that’s pretty much covered these days. There is 1 thing that I can’t see changing until I’m rattling chains around their beds. It also advises it’s time to craft a new life course! That would be simpler if I just knew what to concentrate my scatty mind on).

The medicine of the card

“Act with impeccable intention so as not to create a debt or karma that sooner or later someone has to pay”. “An opportunity to clean up your actions”. Now these parts I do get. I always try to do that even though like most people I fall off the wagon on a regular basis.

What now?

So a big practice what you preach time I guess. I’ve done so many tarot readings for others over the years and do always trust the guidance of the cards. Around 20 years ago I turned over 3 cards seeking guidance about a huge work opportunity. I looked at them then immediately turned the job down. No need to refer to any books or interpretations. This was an immediate uh oh that’s not going to happen then! A few months later the cards proved to be right so I guess with this one I better listen and try to get on board again. Wouldn’t want a repeat of the frog again!

So today I will go for a walk (it burns my fingers even typing it as it’s OUTSIDE), I’ll try not to eat as much junk (note “as much”) as a total abstaining wouldn’t happen at present so little by little!


The Frog! OK I’m getting it (finally)

How many more times?

Seems I’m being told something again by the grown ups that help from the hidden world and I guess it’s true that this dense old brick of a receptor has to have a few kicks before they get fully noticed!

Strike 1

At the Arthur Findlay College a few years ago my power animal chosen at random (or was it) was the Frog. A few weeks ago, what turns up in my room? Chuffing great FROG (glad Tracey has previous life witchy experience as she knew how to hoof it out gently as it managed to get between me and the door and I was TRAPPED at it’s mercy)!

Strike 2

The Shamanic workshop at the beginning of the month again! shutting eyes and getting a number at what I thought was random? FROG frog Frog frog FROG!

A Full House!

So this morning tidying up the room shuffled up the secret language of animals oracle cards by Chip Richards and none of you will need to be psychic to guess what hoppy little long tongued fly muncher I got so I guess it’s time to see what it means! (number 41 for you analytical types with a slight spin this time being a TREE FROG) – it’s still a frog right? and there’s not a traditional frog in the set or I bet that would have been stuck to the lid with the way things have been happening around here!

The summary on the card is Soul song, Meditation, Creation, rebirth.

All those things listed on the card I do struggle with but I do know have value.

Meditation? Seems SO boring on your own so I really don’t do it. Guided meditation on a recording? very rare I hear more than a few words then off away with the fairies and my consciousness drops like a brick.

Breathing deeply? I have Asthma so that’s never going to be likely to happen.

Creation? not sure about that one, would love to be gifted in that way but other than one decent painting in 52 years nothing to write home about.

Rebirth? I do hope not. One does SO hope this is the last stint down here among the muggles but I do wonder if that’s a spiritual rebirth as my long self imposed crawl under the rock and hide phase does seem to be lifting. It must I guess if I’m looking at cards again and signing up for workshops even if I get served up with the frog when I wanted the Eagle or the Bear or the Wolf!

Any way this little bogey coloured wet sticky mate that seems intent on getting my attention indicates the gift of deep resonance and returning to the song of your soul. “Time to awaken the sacred rhythm that calls your visions into being”.

“Time for great inspired actions and that may come VERY soon”. At the moment though hush your noisy mind and travel to your centre ready for when your actions arise naturally.

Guess it’s watch this space then, with lockdown lifting and absolutely no urge to go out and do much I’ll be surprised what those inspired actions may be but it certainly feels like the time of darkness is shifting so who knows what’s just around the corner…….

Shane seeking frog

So here’s the picture of my Shane seeking frog. It’s on my doorstep waiting to come in like something out of a stalker movie. It’s not the usual fluffy cuddle seeker I’d normally associate myself with but I guess if I don’t listen it could be countered with one of those plague of frogs things so off to at least have a try!

Please feel free to add a comment and let me know if you keep getting the same power animal time and time again. What was it? was it relevant? and once you followed the advice did it change?

And how would one upgrade a frog to an eagle? Although to be honest now the one on my doorsteps started hanging around a bit more I am getting quite fond of it.


Reflecting on 2020

An extended break

It’s difficult to believe what I originally planned as a few weeks off has already grown into 6 months!

Reflecting briefly on 2020 many will agree this has been an extremely challenging year but suddenly it seems it has passed very quickly. It only seems a few weeks since working from home became the new normal.

Everybody must have faced a particularly challenging year. My thoughts go out to anyone finding it hard at the moment. I hope it will improve soon but it seems to be taking a long while for any type of normality to return!

Apologies to those I’ve put on hold

Apologies as always to anyone I messaged when asked to animate their spirit art recently. My creativity suffers when times are challenging. Results improve when fully engaged. I’m hoping next year to reinstate the Charity animation service however at present have decided to abstain for the next few months.

Those of you particularly sensitive to what is going on in the world will understand it’s hard to work while such change is taking place. My way of coping is to take a break and minimise the work and interaction until the energy shifts.

2020 high points

There have been things I’ve been grateful for this year. More time with my youngest son in lock down will be cherished forever. COVID has been a horrific experience at great cost to so many yet it’s also brought about time to contemplate and consider one’s priorities. I wouldn’t have realised last year just how many regular life patterns were really inconsequential once reevaluated. More time with the family was unusual but of great value to me (and hopefully them).

More services in the pipeline

Time away this year has been used wisely. Photo image skills have improved and progress made. A number of you sent me damaged photographs for restoring which at the time I couldn’t do much with at the time. Things are starting to come along nicely so I may offer this service at some point next year:

Photograph restoration

Original photo of Tracey next to restored photograph

The photograph to the left is “PROPER” old and damaged. It is my wife Tracey as a small girl so a very long time ago! I do hope she doesn’t read this post!

I knew if Tracey thought the restoration work was good I was convincing my most honest critic. Tracey is very pleased with the result. At her advice, I’ve shared and with more practice may start doing some for other people next year.

Photograph colourisation

Another process that has particularly caught my imagination is recolourisation. Photographs are converted to black and white and then parts are recoloured to really bring them to life. The photograph below is my only attempt so far but there’s potential in my opinion:

A photograph of Shane with all colour removed then partially readded
©Whispering Friends

A few quick thank you messages

As the festive period fast approaches I would like to extend my thanks to all of you that visit my site. More will be added to it next year as I’ve many articles and experiences to share.

My very grateful thanks extend to:

Andrew Codling – Medium & Tutor (and someone that has helped me avoid totally withdrawing under a rock this year). Highly recommended and available for online tuition via ZOOM. An open honest transparent and simplistic approach to mediumship (that works).

The Sacred Lightspace – for the best and most accurate guidance reading with cards I’ve probably ever had. You’ll need facebook to click on the link.

All those that have supported Portrayals and our Little Princess Trust fund raising page again this year. Thank you so much. I can’t do this with out you and they do such great work.

To all those that have managed to find new ways to shine bright in their truth during this difficult year, thank you. To the cherished mediums, readers, healers, musicians and tutor friends that have adapted to the current times to ensure that the Spirit World is still represented truthfully throughout this global crisis. Thank you.

Christmas and the New Year Wishes

As we start preparing to say goodbye to 2020 and gaze upon 2021 with much hope for an end to many of the challenges this year has brought I hope you and your loved ones stay safe and well. As long as we remain strong in our truth and kind to those that may not share the same beliefs and continue to meet them with compassion I believe there will always be hope.

My very best wishes as always…..

Portrayals videos now on YouTube

I was very pleased to be included in an online festival of light workers last weekend and was asked to feature the Portrayals Charity animations.

Here’s a video I made especially for the day and you’ll find all of the Portrayals Videos from the day over on my YOUTUBE LINK which starts with a promotional video for The Little Princess Trust who we are supporting again this year, followed by some examples of the animations that have been done for friends:

The importance of knowing your own energy

I’m sure that those that have attended my home circles will confirm that I’m forever going on about the importance of knowing how our OWN energy feels before we start connecting with our friends in the Spirit World and to me, there’s a number of reasons why this is so important.

Questions to consider

How can we notice very subtle changes within our awareness if we don’t have an in-depth knowledge of the feeling of the energy that is our own to start with?

How can we notice the very subtle changes our Spirit friends attempt to impress on us if we don’t know what is the essence of ourselves and what is being influenced by an external party?

How can we tell something relates to a visiting loved one if we can’t tell whether that feeling is our own?


A large percentage of the information received in our Mediumship is received with our CLEAR SENSING or “Clairsentience”.

The more familiar therefore we become with our own energy and the way that WE feel the easier it becomes to notice any changes around us initiated by others.

Some of the most important information our Spirit friends attempt to impress on us can be the most subtle and hardest to spot. Some of the tiniest of details can be the ones that really prove beyond doubt that we genuinely have communication and connection with a loved one or friend in place.

Having a very good knowledge of how the energy around us feels PRIOR to connecting with an external influence enables us over time to notice any variance with increasing ease but don’t expect this to come overnight! Like anything we do, the more we practice the more accomplished we become.

A simple approach

One of the simplest ways to consider this is to approach it in the same way we approached those spot the difference puzzles many of us did when we were children. You know the ones, two pictures printed next to each other with a number of changes we have to notice like the one shown below:

Firstly let us consider that the character portrayed on the left of the image is us.

At first glance, we form a quick impression and can easily describe this to another. The longer of course that we spend getting to know that image the more clearly we are to easily recall and describe it to others. The more and more that we study the more familiar it becomes and more detail can be remembered. The longer we sit and grow to recognise the image and the more attention we devote to all the details the easier it then becomes to recognise if any of the details change.

The image on the right represents the information being received while a spirit visitor or a loved one draws closer. The core elements are very similar to our own and the Spirit World works by drawing close to our energy and attempts to impress information around us that we can notice.

Sensing is like seeing (but without your eyes)

It’s much easier, of course, to work with the images shown above as we are using our physical sense of sight but it really isn’t that much different when we move into working with our sensing. As we learn more and more about ourselves and the way we feel the easier it becomes to notice areas that are changing. Once we are aware of a feeling or area that draws our attention the opportunities arise to then start moving into the information that change carries in order to provide FACTS about the person connecting from the Spirit World. We can then find out why that area feels different and relay this to the sitter.

As children, we started with a simple spot the difference puzzle with large easy to notice differences and gradually worked up to more challenging ones where the differences were harder to notice and I think this again is a good analogy of how our clairsentience unfolds. That early BIG information being for example GENDER moving over time towards aspects of ailments, build, features, jewellery, hairstyles, gait, the list really is endless.

A wealth of SPECIFIC information can be provided once our attention is drawn to anything we notice being attempted around us including but not limited to:

  • Physical ailments – aches and pains, becoming drawn to a specific area, changes noticed in our breathing
  • Physical build – feeling bigger, smaller, slimmer, fatter, age changes
  • Skin details – Tattoos, scars, burns, numbness, missing parts, piercings
  • Items being worn – Rings, dangling earrings, hats
  • Passing conditions – Pains, sudden, slowly, dizziness, falls, impacts
  • Hair – Style, length, thickness
  • Mannerisms – movements, patterns, gait
  • Hands – skin creams, rings, damage, age, joints, movements
  • The Mouth – gums, false teeth, missing teeth, whistles when speaking
  • Habits – Smoking gestures, hand movements, finger-clicking
  • The Face – So many details and such a sensitive area

The potential is huge. What can start as a very gentle tingle or thought when given the right attention can build into a wealth of information. A tiny numbing of the tongue can develop into a lisp, a tiny build of energy in the front of the teeth can develop into a whistle, and attention drawn to any area will have a purpose.

If we provide ourselves with a solid starting point by becoming familiar with our own energy those subtle differences become more noticeable and the quality of our Mediumship improves.

I know at times I miss information the Spirit World brings to me but have found that the more I learn about me the less that happens and the chances of something important slipping past reduces.

The preparation one can make simply by sitting in in their own energy regularly will be of great benefit. As the quality of your mediumship improves the quality of the information and evidence relaid to a sitter may just move their perception from one of “I think my loved one was present” to “I KNOW my loved one was present” and that is really what it’s all about!

Please do share this post if you have found it to be of interest with the buttons shown below.

Many thanks


Dealing with the NO word

As serving mediums, we can’t ask the ground to open up and swallow us if we get a string of no responses while working. I’ve not heard of any recent great escapes taking place while banging one’s heels together shouting “there’s no place like home”! What then are some of the options when faced with the dreaded NO word?

It happens to us all

We all get times when we seem to receive an endless list of confidence destroying “no no no no NOs”! but does it really have to be an ouch ouch ouch ouch OUCH experience? I think not. Does it define our mediumship as a whole? of course not!

I’m sure that all mediums, whether experienced or just starting out will at times be on the receiving end of the dreaded no word but it doesn’t have to be a career-ending experience. Should we really dread something which may provide an opportunity to improve our mediumship if we work through it?

When it FEELS like we are RIGHT?

Sometimes while we are passing on messages we are met with a NO response yet we may really feel that what we received was definitely from the spirit world and that we are right.

Our first reaction may be “I can’t do this” or “I’m not good enough” (often on my part escalated to my handing my notice into the Spirit World if it doesn’t improve)! Goodness knows how many times my guides and helpers have started preparing themselves to receive my resignation however, fortunately, like many things in life I’ve never got around to completing the paperwork!

So we (not the spirit world) decide we are rubbish! We are rubbish, we can’t do this, we don’t know why we bother, we’re disillusioned or we simply decide that our imagination is at work again and that we are making it up. Some of us may decide the sitter doesn’t like us or (like sometimes happens) they have just come to tear our work apart or challenge us as their own beliefs make it hard for them to accommodate what we do.

Only a moment ago we were so sure we’d got something right, plucked up the courage to share more information and no no no NO, ouch ouch ouch ouch OUCH!  But secretly inside we KNOW we are right don’t we? we can just FEEL it!

The sitter is unlikely to intentionally be obstructive

It does happen from time to time and I’ve certainly experienced it, however, the vast majority of sitters request the services of a medium as they would genuinely like a communication from a loved one and a chance to receive a message that proves their loved one has arrived safely in the spirit world. They can however at times struggle to place accurate information through no fault of their own and this happened to me a few years ago sitting the other side of the microphone.

Sitters unintentional mental blocks

click image to visit Tonys website

An example of my own rather embarrassing mental block occurred a few years ago when Tony Stockwell hosted an evening at the Norwich Puppet Theatre. In front of nearly 300 other people Tony gave me a very specific message from a friend that he proved beyond any doubt was communicating with him. He then went on to inform me that he was aware of me working in a garage and I replied no, very unlikely that would ever be the case.

Tony ==> “OK will you understand then I see you spending a lot of time in a garage”?

The muppet that is me at times responds with a nice clear “No”…..

Tony ==> “I don’t want to tell everyone your business but why wouldn’t you understand you’re working in a garage”?

Engaging ones enhanced dumb mode that’s so embedded in me at times I responded with “Because I don’t know much about cars”. GENUINELY having forgotten that my garage at home had just been converted into a beautiful mediumship room which I’m in now as I type this document.

Tony represented the information in a number of ways never moving away from the truth behind the statement and I fortunately then had a sudden moment of realisation during the demonstration which enabled me to accept the information as I then knew what was being discussed. A prime example of a top quality medium with the correct information being right, yet still being faced with a negative response through no malice or hidden agenda on the sitters part.

Fortunately, when faced with a no response a very high level experienced medium demonstrated the correct way to proceed ensuring the integrity of the information was maintained and not lost.  Now, what would have happened if Tony had not persevered, not gone back to the spirit world and clarified the information? I learned much that evening about the perspective of the sitter and the unintentional mental blocks on the part of the sitter that at times we really can’t prevent.

Destroying the sitting ourselves

It happens, and I see this time and time again. A medium often with much potential lets go of information and gives up and decides to move on and gets nothing simply because they’ve let their mind move away from the job in hand. They have slipped out of that power they work within and lost their focus. If they do recover and get back into the power they may again pick up the same information they received previously which they’ve already written off so again they give up, drop out of that power and decide to given themselves a spiritual bashing (all of which emanates from this side of life)! The medium effectively destroys the sitting and for a short while their confidence and self-belief.

Translation problems

It could simply be that the information being received is correct but then it’s been translated or described incorrectly by the medium. The information hasn’t been fully investigated or explored and instead has been discarded too early. The Spirit World still want the information delivered so we see the same thing that we’ve just been given a NO to and we can’t move on as Spirit will not pass us different information until we’ve successfully delivered that which they are communicating to us. We become stuck and at this point, the success or failure of the sitting is very much in the hands of the medium and how they proceed. We can ask the spirit world to help us present the information in a way it can be understood and it may be a point when we also find that the information is incorrect and we can move on.

Is the sitter just being kind?

If after a number of no response we then find when we start getting “yes” responses it’s natural if we aren’t confident enough in our abilities to enter into the “are they just saying yes to be nice to us” phase. Those times when you want to ask the sitter “really, is that really right”? We then cast doubt on the very foundation of our work and that’s not acceptable for are we not then also casting doubt on those special communicators and bringing the spirit world into question. With experience, we can, of course, feel when the sitter is being truthful or not and do they really think we don’t know?

The intelligence of the Spirit World

We must remember we are dealing with an intelligence that is sending us that information and we can interrogate the source of that information, ask for additional supporting information, ask for assistance, send up a “come on guys I feel I’m on the right track help me out here” and investigate what we are receiving to determine what the meaning behind the information really is.

An example from a group night

We’ve shared many wonderful training nights at mine and most nights everyone does really well. I would, however, like to share one example that occurred that I hope helps others reading this post.

A very capable lady in a group of mine is working with an item in a psychometry evening and issues the following statements to another friend:

  • I believe you have just had a very busy day – NO
  • I believe you have a dog – NO
  • something about water – err, NO! (see how that floppy statement indicates doubt creeping in)?

Three strikes and out?

Tempting for the lady trying to provide the information certainly. But what if that information is of value, has an importance, is, in fact, being received from the Spirit World? We have to determine firstly if we are wrong i.e. it feels wrong because we can be and have to recognise that happens. No one is 100% right with every statement ALL of the time (except of course my lovely wife Tracey), Hmm moving on….

If we FEEL that information is still right we need to go back into that information to find out what it means and with a little help that night we did that and were presented with the following statement:

“I believe that you know a person in the Spirit World who was always very very busy, had a dog and lived near the sea” – the response changed to a Yes Yes Yes…….

The very same information, therefore, is presented with a little more understanding and that information is then understood. Proof that the practising medium is RIGHT, and having delivered information built around the first 3 simple images provides someone in spirit an opportunity to communicate with someone they know.

FANTASTIC and exactly what the Spirit World and the medium are trying to achieve. This very nearly becoming one of those turn our back and run experiences! With a little more effort and openness they turned that “No I can’t do this” into “actually, I am getting the information but I haven’t had the confidence or tried to interrogate and ask why I’m getting that information”.

We then have to build more on that information as they are quite open statements, however, having set that foundation in place for the communication to take place puts us in a much better place than we were a few minutes previously.

Picking up the power again

If you getting lots of “No” responses with your mediumship have a think about whether you may be letting go of the information and are moving on too quickly? I urge you to take a moment to accept you have that “no” and go back into that power, and ask what is behind it. We now that while that power can be held and that connection with the Spirit World is maintained that there’s always the opportunity to obtain more relevant and accurate information.

Question the Spirit World

Investigate WHY that information has been received. The Spirit World will not waste time sending you information that is wrong but we must learn to ask for additional information if we can’t deliver it correctly. Our spirit friends will try as much as they can to lead you to the correct statements and we mustn’t forget that those helpers, inspirers, guides and relatives in the Spirit World have to learn how we work and they’ll adapt and find a way to work with us just like we have to do to learn how they work from their side of life.

One’s mediumship gently unfolds over a lifetime yet the wrong reaction to the NO word has the potential to destroy a very capable medium if an investigation into those no responses doesn’t take place. Sadly this may also remove an opportunity for a loved one to connect back to our world and it may be a very long time until they get that opportunity again!

Thanks for reading, I hope this has been helpful. If you have any relevant comments to add to this post please do so below. All comments will be checked by me prior to sharing with other readers and I always appreciate readers valuable input.


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