Charity support work and donations

Charity Support Work is always on our agenda. Over the years my wife Tracey and countless special friends have helped us raise over £4,000 and we’ve been able to support over 20 charities. If we are unable to help others as opportunities arise it would be a shame. The things I do often I view as just normal. It’s those friends of mine that have run marathons, climbed hills, put REAL effort in that I salute and respect.

More and more we hear funds are being withdrawn, support is being cut back, things are being let go yet it’s obvious more than ever that the number of those in need has increased substantially. Our chosen charity for 2022 is again The Little Princess Trust and if you have found this site to be of interest please please just pop over to the link HERE and put a little in. No amount is too small. They are doing great work with children that are really facing immense challenges and every amount can be directly converted into smiles. I’d be very grateful and know that they would be too.

Mediumship is more than those times when we may be able to reunite loved ones. It should be in everything we do 24 / 7. It’s not about 20 minutes of diarised appointments, it’s much more. Those mediums and spiritual healers I’m proud to call friends all demonstrate much more than a diary. They set examples, they lead, they demonstrate and they care. Something I fear may become more and more scarce in years to come as “mediumship” seems to attract more and more seeking fame and fortune hugely stepping away from the true essence and the real meaning.

Current Charity pages supported

  • My Portrayals Little Princess Trust Just Giving page which has currently raised £1,396.69 including Gift Aid – A huge thank you to the person that anonymously donated £600. We are so grateful.
  • My Make A Wish UK Just Giving Page – which has raised £708.41

If you are in the UK and been attempting to raise money for something close to your heart and are struggling please let me know via My Contact Page. I can’t help always but at times I may be able to arrange something. ALL enquiries, however, will be responded to. I do, due to many other commitments, reluctantly have to limit what I’m able to assist with.

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